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Format Wars vs Console Wars

November 21, 2006

Till now I’ve stayed out of the hd-dvd / blu-ray next generation high-def movie format war.  I may not be quite old enough to have been invested in the beta/vhs fight, but I’ve been feeling more than a little deja-vu.  With HD-DVD players costing $500 and Blu-Ray players at upwards of $1000, the opportunity to start replacing my movie collection with a more expensive format hasn’t drawn me in.  Or it hadn’t.

The fact that both sides can’t win, and that neither side is giving up easily doesn’t make me feel any better.  The worst case-scenario, that both formats are going to be confusing the market place for foreseeable future seems to be coming to pass. 

Since no one wants to pick the wrong format, many people are just staying away from the High Def video formats altogether, but that just doesn’t feel right. 
 I like movies. 
  I like HD.
   I’m a sucker for new gadgets.
    I’ve fought to urge for for too long!
What is needed here is a ‘justification’.  Yes, a justification.  A way to divorce myself from the format war, and yet still have HD goodness. 
To be able to stand up and shout “I don’t care if my format looses 3 months from now!”
I need a justification.    Something so big that war between Sony (blu-ray) and Toshiba (hddvd) seems like just so many toddlers scuffling on the playground.. but what?  ahh! 

The Game Console War!  It’s perfect – Sony vs Microsoft! Playstation vs Xbox! 
Two competing formats. Best of all, here there are no loosers.  In the movie industry there ‘can be only one’, but here in console land there is room for everyone.  Sure, they’ll fight and bicker, but in the end both will survive and start up the war again in a couple of years!
With the PS3 supporting blu-ray, and he 360 supporting HD-DVD – this is the way in.  I’m not spending $500 on a HD-DVD drive, I’m spending $200 on a HD-DVD drive for the XBOX 360 I already have.  That $200 includes a movie and a remote.  Heck, it would be downright fiscally irresponsible *not* to buy it.

Thank you Console War, you have made it possible to ignore all the fighting and obvious onrushing obsolescence of the Format War, and brought HD to the people (or at least to me).

And, best of all, in a few months, the Format War will be able to return the favor.  Blu-ray players are $1000?  Bah!   But.. wait.. the PS3 can play Blu-ray movies out of the box?  For only $600?  What a deal!  It would be downright fiscally irre….

Good times.


hello world

November 18, 2006

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