Running two Karazhan Groups

My guild is the very definition of casual raiders – We didn’t start Karazhan till mid-summer ’07 and – running a single group – slowly worked through the instance.

Now, Karazhan has been on farm for months.  Many of us have – or nearly have – every usable drop from the zone.  So, off to the 25-mans?  Gruul’s Lair? SSC?  Hold up there bucko.  Even if *every* member who has ever been into Karazhan shows up, we would only have 26 total.  Are all those geared for Gruul?  Would that give a workable class balance?  No.  Close, but not quite.No Gruul yet.  Ok.  Coming Soon.  Just you wait.  It’ll be super.

In the meantime, we need a 2nd Karazhan group.  I won’t have two static groups.  The All-Stars, and the Left-Overs.  That is drama that I do not need.  So people will be rotated between groups.  Another problem is that most week we don’t have enough folks for two full runs.  No problem..  a few of the leadership will go on both runs..  that’s what well geared alts are for, right?  Except.. suddenly we are talking about 4 nights a week in Karazhan.  What about Zul’Aman? a future Gruul run? Arena? Seeing my wife outside of Azeroth?  No no no.. not going to work.

New plan: one group doing a quick 4-5 hour clear, and the other group doing two 3-4 hours sessions.  The single night group is mostly the vets, getting their badges and last few upgrades, along with a few of the mid-tier players.  However,  each week several of the best-geared go on the multi-night run – lending their wisdom, experience and confidence.
The issue we are hitting is this – the less geared players, are more than simply lacking gear.  Or, the lack of gear is just a symptom.

On the single-night clear, the group moves as an organized single unit.  We flow from trash pull to trash pull.  Bosses are taken down with brutal efficiency.  There are no wipes.  Only the occasional AOE-happy dps ever need rez’d.  Very much like listening to a symphony.

On the other had..  the multi-night group requires explanations on every boss.  Going ‘afk real quick’ is far more common.  Stupid mistakes abound.   By the end of the night, even the experienced players are blowing up the raid on the Shade.

Could I lay down the law on vent?  Yell when people screw up?  Sure.  Would it help?  No.   Everyone knows when they caused a wipe.  They applogise over Vent, and don’t repeat the mistake – but man are there a lot of unique mistakes just waiting to be made.  Plus, this is still a casual guild – a “Raiding is Serious Buisness” attitude would fundamentally change what the guild is, and then, why not just join a more progressed raiding guild?

This week I’m left with deciding whether the “multi-night” group gets to go back a 3rd time to clear Chess, Netherspite and/or Prince.  Without the tank, who is going out of town.  Probably not.  It is early in the reset cycle, and I’ve spent two nights in Karazhan already.  I still have the single night run, that I have to tank myself.

Plus, there I just found out that I get to deal with another possible Guild Raid Alliance.   Oh joy.

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