Guild Alliances

Now I’ve heard more about the guild alliance candidate – a way to help break into the 25-man content. Talking about it I was struck by how much my perspective has changed in the past several months.

This past summer, when I was a newly minted officer and a newbie raid organizer, I stumbled across a recruitment post from another guild. It said all the right things, and they were trying to recruit for Gruul’s Lair. We wanted to go there as well, so I suggested an alliance. It was well received, my counter-part in potential-alliance guild and I chatted and got along great. We both went to our leadership. 20 minutes on ventrillo later and everyone was happy.

Seemed like a good match.

We’d do a joint 25-man run – ignoring the fact that they were more progressed that us, and they couldn’t clear the 2nd half of Karazhan yet. This Gruul run was the first major melding of the two guilds – aside from my wife helping them out on a night of Shade wipes. My wife warned that they were a bit different.. a little less disciplined, more rowdy, and certainly not ‘family friendly’ on ventrillo. That was the first inkling that I maybe should have investigated the guild more – *but* 25 mans good! Epic loots! New content! Progression!

Not so much. While we did learn a lot about the fight and the pull, we didn’t have much success that night. Everyone was still excited, so the muttering about how ‘different’ they were quiet..

Then the ‘proposal’ came – wouldn’t it be great if we were one big family? How much easier would raiding be that way? Loot for all! How about all the raiders come join their guild?

This was met with raised eyebrows. The Guild Leader – a better man than I – took the proposal to the guild, and it was largely shouted down. Suggesting leaving the casuals out was a clear error. Past that though, the guild cultures were too different, and few of us were willing to give up what we had. Also, it was pretty plain that the motivation was to gain complete control and to be able to pick and choose which of ‘our’ raiders would go – something that an alliance didn’t allow. And thus ended the alliance. Sure, it lived on in name for a long while after, but the chat channel emptied quickly and ne’r more did the two side meet.

Strike one.

A few months later, I’m now entrenched as Raid Leader and a senior guild officer, we were masters of Karazhan, and looking to move on. Time for another guild alliance. This time, we had a contact. A class leader that many of us new from a former guild. They had some experience, but most weeks could only muster 10-15 raiders. Could we bring the other 10 to 15? Voice chat went well, and we agreed to use the signups on their website for our first run.

Odd thing though.. 10 or so of our members signed up, and only two – the two we’d spoken to on Ventrillo – from their guild did so. So, when the word came that they had instead decided to disband, it was not a shock. Slowly the story trickled out – they were having major drama between the raiders and the casuals. /gdisband. We made a half-hearted attempt to recruit their former members, but to the raiders we weren’t a step up, and the casuals viewed us as the enemy – another groups of raiders wanting to push them out.

Strike two.

Now, we are running two Karazhan groups, and looking to fill the last couple of spots for Gruul. An enthusiastic member has a friend in a guild that is much like us. Still not sure how it will turn out – we’re working to setup a heroic run where I can feel them out. The difference now is that while I can still see the potential, I can also feel the shadow of the drama-to-come. I’m no longer young and falling in love for the first time. Is it too early to ask for a pre-nup?

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