From Kara to Gruul

This week we had 19 signups for the two Karazhan runs. One of those is an un-retired Healadin who is alt-listed until he gets a few more upgrades. With nearly half the folks can only make a subset of the runs, the scheduling gets complicated. Using alts to fill in the rosters, we have (nearly) a workable team for a each run.

Problem is, we have another 5 or 10 folks who might go if asked, but can’t be bothered to sign up in the forums. I’m past begging people to go – except when we are stuck (LF1 dps Friday night) – but I’m not sure on why they don’t sign up. Is Kara dull now? Don’t think they need the upgrades? Simply can’t be bothered to visit the website? I don’t know. Most of the seem to enjoy going when they signup, and never visit the website without a reminder, so that may be it..

I’m concerned that this is going to bite us when it comes to out first Gruul run. If you look at our “regulars”, knowing that there is no single day which will let everyone attend – we can probably expect 16-18 toons. That leaves the 5 to 10 slots to be filled by the less reliable guild members. How do I get them to signup? Actually showing up isn’t a problem, we probably average 98% attendance when signed up, with people almost always apologizing and notifying ahead if they cannot make it (odd, I know.)

Actually, the first trip into Gruul’s lair won’t be an issue. There will be enough chatter than even the most brain dead will hit the forums to signup. It will be the weeks after that that we will be back to normal.

So, can we go in a few people short? I’m not sure. Our core players are well geared. Probably a bit over geared for Gruul, but not experienced in anything larger than 10-mans. We can – and are – try to recruit more, but that is it’s own little bottle of drama waiting to explode.

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