24 hours till a Karazhan run, and were still one short.  I did end up finding someone who could go tonight, but that’s not the point.  We need more people, I know this, and yet, I hate recruiting.

Sure, there are those rare gems:  Skilled players, who you’d actually want to be around, that simply haven’t found the right guild for them yet.  We’ve been blessed to stumble upon many who fall in this category – but that is the problem, most of them came in a friend of a guildie, or someone met in a PUG or out questing.  These type of “referral” recruits generally work out great.

We have had almost no luck actively recruiting (through perhaps we haven’t pushed that enough),  and the “I saw you guy are in Kara and ..” whispers are hit-or-miss.  Several good members there, but also several the flaked out or that caused loot drama on their first run.

So, last night I trialed a dps-warrior who want to join.  Did a clean Heroic SP run, and he caused no problems.  Was polite and apologized for any small errors.  However, he is in mostly PVP gear, his reaction speed is slow, constantly attacked mobs from “in front”, and dps was not much above mine.  I attribute a lot of that to being a bit nervous, and holding off starting into fights.  He did off-tank when I asked him to, and even had sword’n’board ready when he saw his mark go up.  I ended up I’d up tossing out an invite, but explained that with his gear & experience level he’d be starting out in out slower paced 2-night Karazhan group.

Were he not the friend of an existing member, I would have had to think about it some.  He is probably going to need a lot of work.

His friend, a Healadin,  is a relatively recent recruit that managed to cause some drama on his first Karazhan run.  Bitching about loot on the first raid – after you’ve got a few prices already – is not smart.  I nearly kicked him that night, and he knows it.  However, since then he has been far better behaved.  Darn near an upstanding citizen (though that is pretty easy when you are going into Kara and getting tons of easy epics) so I’m making an effort to integrate him some.  He is a fine healer, with the potential to be very good.

So, his borderline warrior friend gets an invite.  At best, his drama potential is low, at least near term.  My expectation is that he isn’t going to be putting in time to gear up properly – which may cause issues down the road – but, for now we need bodies.  Warm bodies who don’t cause drama, and know how to not wipe a group.

Not the way I’d like to bring people in.  I’d prefer to welcome them in with joy in my heart, knowing that I had done my part to improve the guild.  However, if it comes down to getting raid off or not, I guess I can settle for a public “/g Everyone welcome newWarrior3” and a quiet prayer.

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