Too much Karazhan

We are currently running two Karazhan groups. I tank one, and fill in as dps on the other. In fact, I’m trying to cut myself out of the 2nd run entirely, just to give myself a break – though last night I ended up filling in when a newbie member flaked out on the raid. Again.

Sometime last night – probably when no less than half the raid managed to break my shackle target on a Moreos wipe – I realized.. boy, I’m tired of Karazhan. With Gruul starting soon (T minus 9 days) and hopefully Mag and SSC following on that quickly, spending more than one night a week in Karazhan is going to kill me. Or drive me to kill someone else.

The problem is this. I still need badges, and so do many of the better geared players. We also need to gear up the newer raiders. We can generally fill out two raids a week, and optimally could be doing two simultaneous runs.. except.. that we need tanks.

I can easily main-tank all of Kara.

The GL’s Druid can do the same. His alt Druid. I need him getting badges for his Main, so this makes me unhappy.

Otherwise, we have a capable – but under-geared – warrior who is only available to raid one night a week.

A new Tankadin, that isn’t geared yet for main tanking – and is very green besides

And two other alt tanks, varying gear and skill levels.. not really ready to tank Prince, or get off their mains consistently..

So.. at the moment, GL and I main tank the two runs. This keeps him of his main, which is not a good solution long term. We need another tank.

I *could* wash my hands of it, throw one of the not yet ready tanks in, and accept that the 2nd run is going to have to find it’s own legs. It will take time, and they will have nights where they don’t get past (or to) the Shade. Just hard to do. As it is, both runs doing full clears, gearing people up, it works.. and “just one more night this week” in Karazhan seems like such a simple thing.. until I flip out one night and swallow my microphone yelling at someone for being that single straw that broke the tank’s back..

Don’t need that. Found out recently that I make people cry as it is. /boggle

I’m a nice guy. Really.

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