Not an angry Raid Leader

Last week I found out that I made one of our raiders cry during a Karazhan run, apparently, by “yelling” at her. About a month earlier it seems that I stressed one of our healers out by “yelling” at him.

I say “yelling” (with quotes) since I’m frankly certain that I didn’t actually yell.

I am somewhat analytical by nature, that is to say, I do not tend to speak without thinking. I rarely give over to emotional outbursts. In game, especially while raid leading, I vent before pressing the PTT button. After I wipe, my first question usually serves to identify what we did wrong, and I then lay out what we are going to do different next time in. Within a few moments we are reorganizing for the next try. A quiet, nearly monotone string of instructions.

This style works for our raids – and I’ve found many of our other tanks emulating it on their own runs. To be honest, the first time I heard it, I was sure they were “doing” me as a joke.. after it went on much too long, I’ve decided to be somewhat flattered. It’s not necessarily the tanking trait that I’d choose to pass on, but it will do.

Due to my vent setup I can generally talk and tank at the same time – but when things have gone wrong, and I’m trying to recover control of a boss or a pull, then the PTT button gets a bit less comfortable. Instructions tend to be quick, clipped, and to the point. In “wipe-save” mode I tend to be extremely focused – and that also comes through in my voice. It is different enough from my normal style, that it stands out far more than I’d prefer.

The comment “Come on, watch Omen people” – after a boss has just gone running after a dps’er 10 seconds into a pull, reduced a player to tears. Off-vent, thankfully, but she was off the rest of the night. I only found out later the details.

Another time after a healer complained on vent that their heal-target had moved out of range I explained “He has to move to get his mob – you need to go with him.” The next week he commented that he knew he needed to be positioned better, as he didn’t want to get “yelled at” again.

Now, I’ve been on many raids and runs with folks who are far louder and angrier. Cursing, yelling and wild accusations of incompetence are common even on good runs. I’m not sure how our folks would react to that – but I think that it really wouldn’t bother any of them. So long as it isn’t me doing it.

The “why” is what touches me. It’s part of why I’m so lucky to be in the guild I am, and to have the raiders I do. The issue here isn’t that I’m yelling. Or that I’m calling our someone on vent. It is that they did felt I was disappointed in them.

Our core team of players are to a man (or lady) great people. I’m thrilled to have the pleasure of playing with them. We are not a terribly progressed guild. Not hardcore is any sense of the word. We will never see Black Temple or Hyjal. None of that is important to me. The friends that I’ve made, and the respect – however undeserved – that I’m honored with means more than anything else the game could offer.

Now, if I could only stop making my friends cry.

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