Logged on to the guild website one morning this week to find a post in the Officer’s Forum labeled “Emergency!”. Turns out, that one of the officers had managed to pick up a keylogger.

This officer had near full access to the guild bank.

It looks like the thief didn’t spend too much time snooping around. Logged in in the wee hours of the morning and pulled the most valuable items out of the bank, and mailed off most of the non-soulbound items off the highest level toons. The toons were left with no gold, but at least their gear was intact. The bank even had about half the contents left. A picky thief, apparently.

The next afternoon I get a mail message that it had happened again. Apparently they keylogger was not scrubbed out quite to thoroughly as was hoped. This time the toons were left with nothing at all, except their soul-bound gear. Every one of her toons were cleaned out, even some low level alts on another server. The bank was untouched this time, as the GL wisely locked it down completely.

The good news is that the soul bound gear is still there. She was still able to do a Karazhan run last night, and should be on out upcoming first venture into 25-man raids. I’m surprised at this, as most hackers tends to sell off everything at a vendor, leaving to toon practically useless until the Blizzard restoration team swoops in to restore the items.

The bad news is that folks are a bit shaken. The guild bank is shut down, and will probably – wisely – not be as accessible in the future. Previously every had access to two tabs, raiders had access to another, and only officers had access to the last. We will probably see those controls tightened up to where only the senior officers can do much. Will probably loosen things up over time, but for now, I can expect to spend a lot of time being a bank jockey.

The GL told me the other day “I’ve never been robbed before. I don’t like the feeling.”

I’m just hoping that things get back to normal. Waiting to see if she really got her machine cleaned up. Would hate to have her log in to find naked toons on the selection screen..

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