High King Maulgar Down!

Two trips into Gruul’s Lair over the past five days.

The first trip was very focused on learning how to function in a 25-man raid. Simply getting the raid invites out, and then coordinating the Pally buffs took quite a while. Setting groups up to give some semblance of party buff-stacking is something that will require much more work. Setting up a few custom channels for hunters and healers seemed to help, but again took time.

Once all that was done, I gave the fight explanation and in went went. And down we went. Repeatedly. Never had trouble with the trash, however we made lots of little mistakes on the High King & Pals. A few of the more common:

  • Inexplicable body pulls – 4 or 5 times, always someone different
  • Sudden tank deaths – especially Olm & Firehand tanks
  • Olm’s adds running amok eating healers
  • Firehand getting mispositioned and blasting the raid

Exactly the types of mistakes that you expect to see on a first time raid. We ended the night feeling pretty good about ourselves, even without having had any actual success. Lots of room to improve, but everyone was upbeat.  Turns out that simply not being in Karazhan was enough for everyone.

Last night was visit number two. Got a late start due to the server kicking most everyone offline for 30 minutes just as I was starting invites.  However, once we did get going, everyone had a better idea what to expect, and knew that the little mistakes were not going to be repeated. Ended up taking him down in 8 attempts.

  • Only one body pull wipe all night – far better than last time
  • One slightly flubbed pull that someone else called “run out” for. I stepped on that hard, especially since  we ended up only down a single hunter, with all the mobs on the correct tanks.
  • A few Sudden Tank Deaths, but not many. Reworked the healing roles and were smooth there.
  • Kiggler caused some problems – the hunter tanks were standing such that they sometimes got pushed behind an obstacle of some sort, and ended up LOS pulling Kiggler to them. Once there, he melee’d them down very quickly. Had two or three wipes to this, but eventually the hunter pair figured out the problem and we were golden.

The next to last attempt saw the priest, shammy and mage adds down, with the melee still chewing on the warlock – eventually his puppies managed to wipe us, but it was close.  The next time in, we dropped the High King himself. Was amazing how quickly it came together once we got the pull down.

We saw a lot of improvement between the two nights, by the end we started to feel like a somewhat coordinated group.  We ended up by heading to Gruul, to let everyone see how the fight works.  Get rid of the shock’n’awe next time in.  Ended up seeing him right around 50% both times.  Not bad for a few for-fun tries at the end of the night.  Certainly feeling good about going back in there next week.

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