Member Specs

“We are not a Raid Guild” has been a guild motto for a long time.

We are a casual guild, and always have been – however, concessions have been made as we start some raiding.  There are signups for raids.  As the raid leader, I select who goes and who sits.  We are now using a DKP system.

However, there are a few lines we haven’t crossed yet.  We don’t require a certain percentage of attendance.  We  have never forced spec’s on people.

To date, if someone is making obvious errors in gearing or spec, then we work to help educate them.  As for respecing, a few weeks back when a resto-Druid wanted to DPS some, he asked if we would mind – and offered to spec back whenever we need it.  In fact, mid-raid last week he offered again to grab port back and respec.

In fact, every raider who wanted to try out another spec, or switch mains, has come to the GL or myself and talked about it.  We’ve always said, “play what you want”, and then given warnings if their chosen spec was over populated in the guild and generally worked to find a way to work them in.  I don’t believe anyone has ever not respec’d after talking to either of us.

However… this week I found out that a relatively new Paly has respec’d.  We trialed him and brought him in as a healer, and geared him up quickly in Karazhan.  Several of our other healers sat out on runs to let him get more time in.  While he early on caused some drama whining about loot, he is actually a very good healer.  So, now he is Retribution spec’d.  We have a tank shortage, so I could handle Prot – but Ret is hard to swallow.

While I’m annoyed by this, the GL is down right pissed.  “If he wants to raid, he comes Holy” is an instruction I’m happy to follow, though mainly because I think we are being jerked around.  In the past his schedule has mysteriously worked out that he can only run on the same days as the “easier” (read better geared) Kara group – and we put up with that.  His availability to help with other runs has been non-existent, except for a single run trialing a friend of his – for which he schedule suddenly opened up.

In this case, I think he simply wants ‘priority’ on dps gear, now that he has his healing set filled up.  Gear that I’d just as assume see on some of our other dps’ers.

Is “You are bottom of the priority list as a dps, and therefor won’t be seeing many invites” the same thing as saying “You must respec”?  Yes.  It is also has the benefit of being popular.

I’m just not sure how comfortable I am with it.   In this case, I think is obviously the correct call.  I feel like we’ve allowed ourselves to be manipulated in the past, but, in this, he has crossed a line.  I also know that we are crossing a line.  Far less obvious, but this is step towards being something that we didn’t used to be.

Just not sure there is another way.

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