Filling slots for Gruul

Last Friday night we had a Gruul’s Lair run scheduled.  Our signups have been light for the two previous runs, and this week was no exception.  In past weeks, however, we have had several folks just pop-on to run having not signed up.  This week, we did not.  In fact, we had several folks running late, and one no-show.  So, we called the run off.

Very disappointing, although I’m not terribly shocked.  The first two runs were tight, and I had expected that attendance would drop off slightly.  I had been hoping to bring in some new recruits, but that has not quite worked out.  As I’ve written before, recruiting is hard.

This biggest problem with recruiting is that we are picky.  The types of folks chronically in the LFGuid channel, are not who we want.  Loyal members, not looking to climb the “raid guild” ladder are hard to find – and, almost certainly already in a guild.  Even if their current guild isn’t raiding yet, or if they just don’t get on runs, they aren’t looking for a new guild.  They are comfortable, and aren’t going to jump easily.

So, instead of directly recruiting, I decided to start expanding my friends list.  My wife, the GL, and myself spent Saturday afternoon in a few heroics, each time pulling in two PUG members from the LFG channel.  The runs went well, and three of the four pug’ers were worth investigating a bit more.

The script for chatting with them after the run generally went something like this:

“Great run!  You really put out some serious damage there.  Do you mind if I whisper you in the future for Heroic runs?”
“Great!  Also.. I don’t know how your schedule works, or if you are already raiding with your guild — I certainly don’t want to step on any toes there — however, our Gruul’s Lair nights have been a couple of people short, so would you mind if I whisper you about filling in there as well?”
“Oh!  You are Kara attuned as well – that’s super!  If I ever have an empty slot for either, I’ll let you know!”

Of course, I’d rather get these folks guilded immediately – but they were all in guilds, and I’m not comfortable openly poaching them.  I am comfortable poaching, just not openly.  I want to be able to honestly respond to AngryGM7, “They asked me, not the other way around.

So, going forward, these three will be invited to Gruul’s, and if they do well I’ll follow with:

“Wow, great job tonight!  If you had a good time, I’d like to get you back in here again”
“Hopefully next week – but I’ll have to let you know.  You did so well, that I’d like to get you on every run..  I just have to check our signups first — kind of hard to justify sitting out folks to bring ‘guests’.. “

Give people a taste of raiding with us, stroke the ego a bit, and plant a seed a doubt for future runs.  I would work to get the guests on a few runs, and then, if they haven’t asked to join yet, give them a :

“Hey – just wanted to let you know that our signups are higher this week.. looks like we aren’t going to have to normal number of guest slots..  I hate it, since you do so well in there – I just wish we could have snagged you back when you were unguilded..  If we have anyone drop out, I’ll let you know – you are top of my list to bring in. /cross fingers”

That may sound a lot like poaching – however, I see it as pre-approving a request they haven’t yet made.  This allows them to decide to ask to join, without the risk that we might reject them.

Why not be more direct?   Good, loyal folks are going to take their time to leave a guild – and pressuring them will not speed things up.
Plus I enjoy my moral high ground – no matter how shaky it is.

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