Our strategy for High King Maulgar

Taking a bit of a break from the ongoing guild drama, I’m going to post the write up of our experience taking down Maulgar for the first time a few weeks back. I will likely revisit this topic as we get more kills under our collective belt, but this is where we are at now.

The basics: Maulgar comes with 4 adds. Mage, Warlock, Shammy & Priest.

Maulgar – As out MT, I tanked him with two healers watching me. I pulled him near to the entrance tunnel to keep him out of the way.

Mage – Tanked by a hit-capped, high health mage – with a well geared Pally spamming heals. He is tanked as near to his starting point as possible to keep his AOE for hitting anyone.

Shammy – Tanked by two hunters with a single Pally healing. The healing job here is reasonably light, so a middle-of-the pack healer works here. The hunters tanked with the backs against the wall, and only had problems when one of them accidentally broke LOS (got polymorphed and ended up just behind a column) which ended up pulling the Shammy on top of them – once in Melee range he toasted them quickly. Make sure that they position themselves so they don’t need accidentally loose LOS. Tanked as close to starting position as possible.

Priest – Trivial to tank. We had our least geared tank, just getting a few heals from one of the Warlock healers. Pulled back to near the exit tunnel. If we are short a ‘Tank’ here, might replace with a DPS warrior, or a Kitty-druid using Cat gear in Bear form.

Warlock – Two tanks here. Two healers watching them. One warlock picking up the summons with enslave and/or banish. The ‘lock needs to be at or near the spell-hit cap, or else the enslaves break way too quickly. We tried this with no tanks, or a single tank, and it just didn’t work out for us. Our ‘locks just weren’t capable of grabbing the adds and actually tanking with them. I’ve heard it can be done, but we kept loosing healers at the start. Tanked with the Priest, near the exit tunnel.

That accounts for 4 tanks, 2 hunters, 1 mage, and 6 healers.

Positioning Summary: The Mage and Shammy are tanked close to their starting positions – the right side of the room, from the entrance (the mage pulled slightly closer to the entrance, the Shammy slightly closer to the exit). All others are tanked on the left wall. The Priest and Shammy are pulled to the far side of the left wall, while Maulgar is tanked near to the entrance. This lets the healers for Maulgar and the Mage stand in the entrance tunnel for most of the fight.

DPS: All dps starts on the Priest. Get as many of the quick heals as possible, but make sure to have an interrupt to get through the shield for the Prayer of Mending. I assigned two people to just watch for that spell – just to be safe. Once the priest is down, we move *all* dps to the Warlock. Once he was down, the DPS split. Melee went after the Shammy – his AOE is pretty weak, and caused no problems. Ranged went after Mage – his AOE is crazy, and must be avoided.

Once the melee/range finish their targets, they move onto Maulgar. By this point, the fight felt trivial. All the healers had moved onto me, I had tanks to help pick him up when he charged off, and tons of DPS spread out through the room. Seriously, I almost can’t imagine wiping if you get to this point with most of your raid standing.

On our kill, we lost one of the hunters tanking the Shammy – so I hot-called another to get over there and fill in. We lost our mage-tank with 5% left on the mage – the ranged DPS finished him off before he one-shot anyone else. Other than that, we lost one or two others along the way, but ended with the vast majority standing. Once we got the Priest and then the Warlock down, it got progressively easier.

Some tips that I will remind the whole raid about each time in:

  • The Mage has a nasty AOE – I don’t care what you are doing, stay away from him.
  • The Warlock’s summons must be Enslaved/Banished/Tanked. We had one Warlock doing nothing but watching for this. Would prefer to have had two. Healers taste good to the puppies, and are a quick snack. Many of our wipes were due to this, or due to a ‘lock chasing a summon and running into the Mage’s AOE.
  • Shammy tanks need to position themselves so that they don’t accidentally loose LOS.
  • Stay on the back wall. If you don’t NEED to be pulling, stay all the way back. Make sure you do not pull early.
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