Raid Update

After a few weeks where raiding has been rough – a combination of lack of focus in Karazhan, and lack of signups for Gruul – this past week went very well.

I tanked a Kara group, spread across two nights. Both went very well. The second night only saw one death for the entire run – and that was a player confused between “run up to the library” and “run through the library”, leading to his turning a corner and running right into a mob.

Gruul’s Lair went well too. We were short again – we ran with 20 guildies and two guests – but even three people short, we managed to get Maulgar down.

HKM took several attempts, but that was mainly due to us having a very different group makeup. Our two hunters had never tanked the Shaman before, the arms warrior tanking the Priest had was new to that role, as was the feral druid we used as one of the Warlock tanks. Add to that, not having extra hunters for misdirects, and it took a few attempts to get the pull down.

The kill looked roughly the same as the last one, with a few changes.

To compensate for the lack of Misdirects, I pulled with my Decapitator, and then quickly swapped back to my tanking weapon as HKM charged me. One of our Warlock tanks, a warrior, used a throwing weapon to pull and then intervened back to the other tank – a quick way solution to positioning, which had caused up problems early in the evening.

Also, we had no “stupid” accidental early-pull wipes. Every wipe lead to us refining our strategy, and then moving on the the next error. I think there were 5 attempts total. More than I’d like, but at this point, I’m pleased with the fact that we weren’t repeating silly mistakes.

Once we had him down, we moved on to Gruul. Taking 22 to a 25-man DPS race is not a good plan, so I established early on that we were simply going to be looking to get some practice. A few attempts to let new people get a feel for avoiding the Shatters. Our second attempt got him to 33% at 8 growths. On track to have him down by the 12th growth, if we hadn’t lost too many people early. That was very promising, and the best I felt we were likely to do that evening, so I called to run. Next week we will work to take a full group in, and I think we will see Gruul down, or at least very close.

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