Magister’s Terrace: First thoughts

After spending a delightfully short amount of time patching my game client, and upgrading my mods, I had some time last night to try out the new path 2.4 content.

I had spent a small amount of time on the PTR, so the dailies were basically what I was expecting. The Phase 1 quests are quick and reasonably easy. Those sending you back to Hellfire were particularly over-crowded however – so by the time we were done there, we needed some alone time.

Well, not quite “alone”. We grabbed three other guildies – a rogue, a hunter and a mage – and heading into Magisters Terrace (which we decided to shorten to MgT – after I threatened to summon the whole lot to Aunchindoun.)

First off – this is a beautiful instance. Not playing horde side, I haven’t seen much of the Blood Elf art and architecture – and this stuff is amazing.

There is not too much trash, and it is mainly grouped before the first and third bosses. There is a fair amount of trash, but I think that much of it could possibly be skipped – however, we were content to get the cheap SS Rep, and learn the mobs a bit better.

The bosses all feel very original – even though they are all reminicient of other fights. No entirely new mechanics, but they are all very well done. And not at all “too easy”.

It had been reported that this instance would be SH/SL difficulty. It is not. It is closer to the last half of Heroic SP, UB or Mech. Not quite as rough as Heroic SH or SL, but not terribly far off. The trash pulls tend towards the large size – most of them being 5 or 6 mobs – and they are far more challenging than the similarly sized pulls in normal SH or SL.

The bosses are great though – one similar the the final boss in SV, and another very close to the Curator in Karazhan. Kael’thas is, of course, a 5-man version of his 25-man raid fight – mixed with a bit of Alar – and as I’ve never seen these fights, this was a treat. However, the boss that caused us the most trouble was the 3rd.

In /general chat for the instance (horrible, by the way, leave it ASAP) we had seen this fight described as similar to Moroes.. and is it.. kinda. She comes with 4 adds, which are random each time. The adds have to be dealt with along with the boss. The difference is that with Moroes, the adds are not much of a threat. They only have a couple of abilities each, and are easily CC’s or off-tanked.

These adds are nothing like that. They are agro-happy – I could barely hold on to any of them. They have *far* more abilities. Each add has all the main abilities that you’d expect to see for their given class. You can even tell who is who just by looking at their gear. The hunter has Scatter Shot, Freezing Traps and a Pet. The Warrior Mortal Strike, Hamstring, Charge and Intimidating Shout. This played much less like a boss fight with 4 adds, and much more like.. like.. pvp.

Specifically, 5v5 Arena matches. We had what amounted to a Shammy/Rogue/Priest/MSWarr/MMHunter arena match. Sure, you there are difference – the rogue didn’t start of stealthed, and in arena you never get feared into another group of mobs – but this felt far more like going against another group of players than a normal boss fight.

With the mobs being so agro happy, and taunt immune, the focus is on simply controlling the fight. Next time in I’ll swap to dps gear, and keep the healer locked down – just like I do in arena matches.

That single fight makes the entire instance.

Overall we had numerous wipes – I finished the run with my gear around 50% durability – but had a good time. It feels like something that we will do several times on normal mode before venturing into heroic. Without being *very* comfortable with the pulls and mob abilities, I’m pretty sure we would get rolled by Heroic – so I’m fine with taking a few days to learn the place first.

And letting the island “event” proceed far enough for a repair vendor to show up.

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