Isle of Quel’Danas: Progression

By Thursday afternoon my server was into Phase two of the Quel’Danas world event.  By the time I logged off at 10pm we were at 12% in that phase.  Still no repair vendor.

Phase 2 opens up two things – a new building on Quel’Danas, and new NPC is Shattrath.

The building has two new daily quests – a simple kill 6 and use a banner quest, and a bombing run.  The bombing run may be worth doing once the crowding dies down some, but yesterday it was horrible.  More dragonhawks flying around than mobs to kill.  Two flights around the loop and I barely made a dent in the quest.

The NPC is Shatt has a fun little quest to fly up toe Blade Edge and do some collecting.  The fun element is that you get an Invisibility buff – just like high level Mages – and it is a pretty cool effect.  Popping back out, not knowing what mobs are waiting for you is a simple, but fun game element.  This quest provides progression towards unlocking a portal from Shatt to Quel’Danas.  Very much looking forward to that.

PSA:  if you are in Quel’Danas, and need to go to IF or SW or, say, Karazhan.. stone back to Shatt and take a portal.  That flight is *crazy* long.  Darnassus to Gadgetzan (yes, I did that flight *once* too) has nothing on this flight

So, phase 2.  Three more quests.  Oh, and a trade skill vendor.  Meh.  At least we are closer to Phase 3 – which will open up the Blacksmith, and the quest that will finally open up the new Badge Gear and Repair vendor (/queue choir of angels)

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