Magister’s Terrace: Revisited

Over the weekend I went back to Magister’s Terrace three times – all on normal mode.

Having learned the trash pulls, it now takes something extraordinary to cause a trash-wipe.   I still think the trash is a step up from any other 5-man in the game, but it is not crazy.  I am disappointed that there doesn’t seem to be much ‘avoidable’ trash.  The courtyard before the 3rd boss has two pulls that can be skipped, but doing so rules out using fear on the boss encounter.  Aside from the 4 pulls to the left and right of the 3rd boss, there is only one other pull that we regularly skip.

The first two bosses are still reasonably simple – I still haven’t wiped on either of them.  The second boss, however, was taken down on one attempt by my last swing before going down myself – leaving only the healer still standing.  That particular run the dps was having trouble targeting the ‘sparks’ – apparently tab targeting doesn’t behave on that fight..  will probably start suggesting everyone write a “/tar liv” macro.

We’ve now gotten the hang of the 3rd boss.  CC a few mobs, let the dps burn the rest down while I hang back next to the healer trying to keep mobs away from her.  AOE fear rules the day.  Of the three runs, I believe we had one wipe there.  Not bad at all.

Kael’thas however is more of a mixed bag.  We one-shot him once, but the other runs tooks 3 attempts each.  Running with a single healer, and 2 melee toons, makes this fight more difficult.  It never feels impossible – we just aren’t controlling things quite as well as I’d like.  Too much damage coming in from different places, and we tended to loose someone a bit too early.

So how does the diffiulty of Magister’s Terrace rank?  I still but it slightly beyond the easy Heroics.  I can run Herioc SP or UB  and be pretty certain that we won’t wipe.  Not so with MgT.  However, if things go right, then we can certainly to MgT without any wipes – its just that the same can be said about almost all of the heroics.

The thing I haven’t done yet is tank with a low CC group.  I’ve always had either at a minimum hunter/rogue or mage/warlock – and both of those combinations provided more than enough help.  I’m not sure that I’d enjoy running with no CC, but I think it would still be doable – although the 3rd boss would be the biggest sticking point there.

Heroic mode?  Not yet.  I think that we could probably make a good run at it, and probably should.  The longer we wait, the more I’ll start building it up in my mind, and we will in-turn, wait longer.  The biggest hang up – aside from perfectly rational repair bill avoidance – is that the rep flows pretty quickly on normal mode, and there are several SSO Rep items I want.  However, the 3rd boss drops, on heroic, an amazing tanking trinket – perhaps the only upgrade outside of 5-mans available for my Warrior – so I think I will have to set a group up for that.  Probably sooner, rather than later.

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