Isle of Quel’Danas: Portal Complete

My server came out of the extended downtime yesterday with the portal from Shattrath to Quel’Danas sitting at 97% complete.  By the time I had completed my circuit of dailies, the NPC was reporting 99% – and a crowd of perhaps a hundred had gathered around.   I’m not sure what everyone was hoping for – a fireworks show?  A secret message uttered only in ‘/say’ when the portal completed?  Punch and Pie?

Eventually the last turn in was completed, and the portal opened.  The crowd dispursed, and I went back to the Isle on my alt Shadow Priest.  The portal leads to the top floor of the sanctum (the phase 2 building), which is convenient enough.

There is now a new quest giver in the building – his quest is to go to three places and use a crystal.  One is on the west side of the city, one is the portal where you kill demons for the phase 2 daily, and the last is south-east by naga camps.  All in all, a simple quest, and one that will eventually be easily done as part of the normal daily rotation (once the naga-camp quest opens us) – however the reward is the important part – a single use scroll that teleports you back to Shatt.

The portal from Shatt to the sunwell isle is nice and all, but it really only saves 90 seconds or so.  This new daily quest saves the hearthstone timer.  A far bigger deal, so far as I measure things.

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