Heroic Magisters’ Terrace

Last night, after having to cancel our Gruul’s run due to low signups, I pulled a group together to head back into MgT.  Having done normal several times, I talked them all into Heroic.

There was some fear.

The heroic mode trash is only slightly more difficult than normal mode.  We had a few trash wipes, but those were more due to silly mistakes than the difficulty.  There is slightly less room for error, but that is it.

Selin Fireheart – the first boss has, it felt like, 50% more health.  That’s it.  I had to drag him over to 3rd crystal instead of the normal 2, but he never got the chance to channel from it.

Vexallus, the second boss is harder.  We wiped here.  Several times in fact.  The DPS was having problems using a ‘/tar pure’ macro to target the Pure Energy adds..  it would get the first, but not the second.  We tried a few strategies.
–  Slow burn:  This strat suggests that you burn him 15% at a time, kill the adds, and then let to debuffs drop off before returning to dps.  The limiter here is healer mana.  With a single healer, it just didn’t work.  Perhaps if I had stacked another 100 or so arcane resists, but sitting around 200 I was still taking a fair amount of damage.
– Controlled add kills:  Mage takes to first 2 pairs, then ice blocks the debuffs off.  Rogue takes the next two sets, then CloS them off.  The final set can be picked up by anyone to add to dps.  Here to add targeting caused us problems.  If they don’t go down very quickly their AOE will destroy the group.  This did finally end up working, although out mage took so long to target the 4th add that he didn’t get his ice block off in time.  This threw us off a bit the rest of the way through, but I picked up one of the final spawns, and we burnt him down.

For this boss, some Arcane resist gear on the tank seems imoprtaint.  Does not seem useful on anyone else.  Much of the damage being thrown around the group is either Nature, or the Arcane DOT – which is apparently not subject the arcane resists.  Running around 200 AR, I was able to take the incoming damage down quite a lot, and make the tank healing pretty easy.

The third boss – Priestess Delrissa – caused us less problems on heroic than she usually does on normal.  We lost our healer just before the 2nd add went down, but we managed to finish them off thanks to potions, bandages and aggressive CC.  The big thing here was that we had slightly easier adds.  This was not an accident.  At the entrance, you are already very close to this boss.  This allows you to use Mind Vision, or in our case and Radio Controlled Tonk, to check out what the adds are.  If you get a bad mix – too much Melee, or the damn Naga Arms Warrior – then just reset.  On heroic, just set it to normal, then back to heroic, and you get new adds.

The single trash pull before Kael’Thas has been nerfed.  At least on heroic it was a 5-pull rather than a 6-pull.  While I’ve never had trouble on this pull, I know many groups have, so I presume that this change will help out there.  It *did* feel noticeably less hectic.

Kael’Thas himself felt little different from normal mode.  We had just a single Phoenix, and burnt him down to 50% quick enough that we never saw him shield [if we had, and we couldn’t stop him ~48k  pyroblast, I was ready to try Last Stand + Shield Wall.. didn’t come to it.]  We went through two Gravity Lapse cycles due to loosing a DPS just as the first one began – but killed him before the 3rd started.

Except for the 2nd boss, the instance felt little changed from normal.  Slightly less forgiving, but not horribly so.  The drops are very nice, and the extra Heroic mode SSO rep is great.  Will certainly be running on heroic many more times.

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