Isle of Quel’Danas: Blacksmith Open

I’m just returned from a week off the grid, and it seems I missed much of Phase 3 on my server.

The evening I returned the anvil quests had been completed, and the blacksmith had been open for business for a good 24 hours. Worked out pretty well, as I was able to go spend my 235 badges on upgrades. Ouch.

The next evening I grouped up with the guild leader, and he showed me the new quests while we caught up some on the previous week. The new quests do help to fill out a pretty simple quest path across the island. By not doing much more than hitting the 3 required nodes for the “Ley Lines” quest, I can pretty much knock out all of the non-flying quests.

The biggest problem I’ve noticed with the new quests is the competition over kills. For most all of the other quests (BE cube gathering quest aside), sure there are lots of folks fighting over mobs – but I never felt like just sitting and camping a respawn was the best way to go. I spent my time over with the murloc slaves by moving between two ~45 second respawns – not too bad, a bit annoying.

The other issue is that these quests now do just feel a lot more like regular dailies. There is the gold, and the SSO rep, but the urgency of unlocking new content seems to have died down. We are close to unlocking Phase 4, and yes, that will open up a new vendor, but I’m just not super excited about it. The dailies are my way of getting SSO rep, when I can’t or won’t pull together a HMrT run – and not much more.

In other news, we had a good weekend raid, and a bit of Monday night drama – but those posts will be coming soon enough.

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