Over the 25-man Wall

The most common recruiting message on the /trade channel is “Pls join ‘XXX of the XXX’ – will be in Kara soon. Have bank and tabard!”

The 2nd most common is “xxxx is recruiting for 25 mans and 2nd Kara group”.

Our guild ‘Application’ forum has been busier lately. Not anything major, but a pickup from our usual post every few weeks. Three applications in 48 hours, plus I’ve chatted with another 4 or 5 folks in-game this week. Not all will join – heck, one isn’t even a real application – but this pickup in interest seems to come from one thing – we’ve made it over the 25-man wall.

Nearly everyone, it seems, get stuck at Kara and Gruul. We’ve been lucky to get through both, and soon should be fielding our runs with fewer “guests” each week. The guests come off our long list of trusted friends, and they inadvertently serve as advertising for our success – and as a potential recruitment source – so they are actually a bonus, so long as they are limited to just a few each run.

It seems that having managed 25-man runs several weeks running, and passing out ‘teh loots’ that seems to made the difference.

I think this speaks to the divide between 10 and 25 man zones. I remember trying to get into Karazhan for the first time – getting the right 10 people geared and keyed was a struggle, and we lost quite a few folks along the way. Moving from 10 to 25 people is another huge leap. We managed it, in part because our GL and I pushed pretty hard, we have a solid ‘friends list’ to help fill a few holes, and our members are loyal and motivated. A lot of work, and a lot of luck. I can certainly see how guilds get stuck at these transitions.

I was so busy working on moving us into Gruul’s Lair, that I didn’t get stuck in the trap – but I can certainly understand our members sitting, “looking up” at friends in 25-mans, knowing that they could jump guilds and be in a raid that night. We didn’t loose anyone to this, and I’m not quite sure how that is – we certainly lost a few while waiting to move into Karazhan.

Now, we are – without really trying, and certainly not actively advertising – getting looks from players in guilds on the other side of that wall.

So, we are sitting on a pair of applications, and a psuedo-application at the moment. The two apps are rogues, one geared for early Kara, one for late – both needing quite a few upgrades still. No problem there, they are both mostly ready for our current content. Will be doing trial runs for both this weekend.

The psuedo-app is more interesting. Last week I helped out another guild with their Kara runs, by spec’ing my SPriest Holy and healing for their runs. A lot of fun, and as this other guild had loaned us three folks for our Gruul’s run, it was the nice thing to do. They also had picked up a player who’s guild is stuck pre-Gruul. He also has a well geared Resto Shammy, and posted in our forums that he was interested in running with us, but not in leaving his guild. Applying to be a ‘fill-in’. Hmm.

I have mixed feeling about this, as this isn’t a service we are providing long-term – but so long as we need fill-ins, and they know the deal (joining out loot system, and that our Guildies come first on invites) I can live with it. I presume he is hoping that his guild will be ready for Gruul soon, and this is just a temporary deal – however, as we fill up he will likely be forced to choose between joining us and getting fewer and fewer ‘fill-in’ invites.

[-Or- I’m misreading this. This is a public forum, and some folks do follow the recruitment forums of their rivals looking for watching for people about to jump ship. This would be an interesting way to try out a guild without raising too much suspicion.]

After seeing members fill in for other guild’s 25-man runs, and honestly being a bit resentful – it is a bit odd being on the other side of the issue.

So our success appears to be providing the people that we need to keep on going. I know the next hurdle is out there (Hi Vashj! Hi Kael-thas!) but I’m hoping that we can sail on into the early Tier 5 bosses soon. It has even been a relatively quite week – only one drama-bomb that I know of, and I’m expecting that to be dealt with Saturday night.

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