Karazhan: The Opera Event, Romulo and Julianne

This is another in a series of posts covering a full Karazhan clear – mostly from a Main Tank’s Point of View. This post is continuation of the Opera mini-series.

So, you’ve cleared the Opera trash up to Barnes and are ready to get things started on stage. Once you get the event started and head out on stage, the announcement will let you know which event you have that week. If you hear “A tale of forbidden love..”, then you know you have the Romulo and Julianne event.

Like the Oz event, this fight starts quickly after the curtain is raised. Unlike Oz, the raid setup requirements are minimal.

At the start, Julianne spawns alone. It is best to pull her to one side of the stage, and tank her there. Have your rogues, warriors and shammies focus on interrupting her healing spell – “Eternal Affection”. Dispellers should make sure to remove the buff “Devotion” from her. These two details managed, and she goes quickly.

Next Romulo spawns in the middle of the stage. Be ready, and try to grab him as quickly as possible, or he will take off after a healer and burn them down quickly. Drag him to the other side of the stage, and tank him there. His damage output is higher than Julianne’s, but he doesn’t have self-heal. Simply remove his buff when it pops up, and disarm if your tank is a warrior.

Once Romulo drops, the real fight begins. Both Rolumo and Julianne will self-rez after a few seconds, so you need a tank on both. You need interrupts on Julianne, so if your main tank is the only interrupt option you have – he will tank Julianne. Otherwise, I prefer to put the main tank on the harder hitting Rolumo.

Both must die within 10 seconds of each other, or they will be resurrected – so you need to split you dps. I prefer to have casters on Rolumo, and melee on Julianne. As they each get lower in health, you will likely find it necessary to have people switch targets to keep their health close. Once the first boss hits 40% I check where the other is, and move people around accordingly. The only real problem comes up if you have trouble with Julianne getting too many heals off – in which case you may end up having all DPS burn down Julianne, and the switch back to the near-death Rolumo to finish the fight.

This is a relatively simply fight – that is only a real test if you interrupters aren’t on their game, or if your Romulo tank is under geared. Normally this fight is over in 4 to 5 minutes. We’ve done it as quickly as 3’32” – and on a horrible evening with almost no interrupts, we dragged it out to 10’17”.

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