Karazhan: The Opera Event, Wizard of Oz

This is another in a series of posts covering a full Karazhan clear – mostly from a Main Tank’s Point of View. This post is continuation of the Opera mini-series.

So, you’ve cleared the Opera trash up to Barnes and are ready to get things started on stage. Once you get the event started and head out on stage, the announcement will let you know which event you have that week. If you hear “A lost girl..”, then you know you have the Wizard of Oz event.

The Wizard of Oz is one of the events that starts very quickly after the curtain is raised, so you should have an idea ahead of time about what the assignments will be. When the curtain comes up, you will see 4 mobs Dorothee, Tinhead, Roar and Strawman. Dorothee’s dog Tito will be summoned once the fight begins, and the final Boss, the Crone, comes once the rest are down.

Kill order and abilities:

Dorothee – The first dps target. Has no agro table, so she simply stands still casting waterbolts at random. Kill her first, and quickly, to take some pressure off your healers.

Tito – Before she goes down, Dorothee will summon Tito. He needs to tanked, and is generally taken by the off-tank. Kill him second.

Roar – Roar can be tanked, and does not put out too much damage (on plate), but he has a nasty AoE fear which makes that difficult. He is, however, susceptible to almost all fears and a Hunter’s ‘Scare Beast’. The best way to deal with him is to assign the off-tank to try to get some aggro on him (along with Tito, once he spawns) and to then fear him around. A warlock can keep him running the entire fight, but a pair of hunters can also, or even several priests/warriors can generally do a good job of this. Once Tito goes down, Roar is next in the kill order.

Strawman – Strawman has a weakness for fire. Any fire damage has a high chance to stun him for several seconds. A mage, warlock or (with luck) a Shammy, can keep him busy for the entire fight – and is it not uncommon for them to be able to solo him down before the rest of the raid is ready to work on him. Don’t have anyone with spammable fire damage? or is your caster down? He can be tanked, but he does hit reasonably hard. Quick fire spells (and/or totems) are the way to go here.

Tinhead – This is the Main Tank’s target. He starts the fight moving full speed, but starts slowing down as the fight goes on. Before long, the tank will simply be able to kite him around the back of the stage only taking occasional hits as he turns him around. This is the last mob to be taken out this phase, by the time the raid is ready for him the tank will have enough of a lead on threat that he can simply keep kiting him while the DPS burns him down.

Once those five are down, the crone will spawn in the middle of the stage. She is a very simple tank and spank, with only Chain Lightening as a notable ability. The complication is that along with her, a cyclone spawns randomly on stage. It meanders slowly around, and throws anyone it catches up in the air. This removes you (at least partially) from the fight for few seconds, and then inflicts a fair amount of damage as you slam back into the stage. Avoid the cyclone, hit the boss, heal the tank, get some loot.

This is a medium length fight. Four to five minutes when first starting, we’ve seen it go as long as 8’11” and as quickly as 3”10″. Presuming that you have the classes needed to pickup all of the mobs, this fight is pretty easy, and a lot of fun. Consistently a favorite in my raids

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