Karazhan: The Opera Event, Big Bad Wolf

This is another in a series of posts covering a full Karazhan clear – mostly from a Main Tank’s Point of View. This post is continuation of the Opera mini-series.

So, you are standing on the Opera stage. Barnes has just told you that your eyes may deceive you. The curtain raises, and there is an a single old woman standing the middle of the stage. And nothing happens.

Congrats, you have the Big Bad Wolf. Unlike the other Opera events, you get the start this one. The BBW has basically no class requirements and very few tricks. When you are ready, you simply have someone talk to Grandma to get things going. I suggest a dramatic reading of the chat, presuming you are using Voice Chat.

The raid will start in the front corner of the stage, by the exit door. The Wolf will be tanked in the back corner on that side.

Who starts the fight? If you have a hunter, then I would suggest one of the other dps have the chat with Grandma – allowing the hunter to immediately Misdirect him to the tank. Otherwise, the tank starts it up, and pulls the Wolf back to the corner.

Once the tank and Wolf are in the corner, just wait. All dps should just stand in their corner of the stage and watch. Within a few seconds the real action of the fight begins. Someone will get turned into ‘Little Red’ – a cute little gnome with a Rad Cape. While in this form, you have no armor and 100% of the Wolf’s attention. Thankfully, you also have increased run speed. Take off across the front of the stage, and run a lap around entire perimeter. After about a lap and a quarter, you will change back to normal, and the Wolf will go back to the tank.

A few tips about running: Run in straight lines, making the sharpest turns you can. If you round the corners off, you let him close the distance to you. Warriors can help out by Intervening – taking a hit that might kill, and Priests can toss a shield on the runner. Spamming quick heals helps as well, since two hits will take most people down.

Hunters can avoid the fun by Feigning Death – and staying Feigned while the debuff is up.

While the Wolf is chasing someone down, he appears to ignore threat – so everyone should be pounding on him. After the first run is complete, everyone should get back to the starting corners, and keep up the DPS. He has an AoE fear that he will use from time to time – the tank should avoid as many as possible, but it really isn’t that big of a deal.

This event comes down to how many people survive their run around the stage. If you loose several people in a row to start, then the fight can be very hard. If you get lucky the first couple of times, then it can go very easy. If he focuses on you healers or tanks, then at least it is a short run back.

Most problems in the fight come from people not surviving their trips around the room, or people taking aggro form the tank. Having long ‘no-threat’ periods, along with fears slowing down threat generation, can make it tricky to build threat quickly.

If things go well, this is the easiest of the Opera events. If you get unlucky – it can be the worst. It is by far the most random of the three, as such, even an undergeared group can eventually get this fight down – while an overgeared group can still have problems. I’ve seen this fight done in as little as 90 seconds, and I’ve seen us struggle through a 5’05” kill. Ending it quickly is certainly more fun.

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