Karazhan: Illhoof

This is another in a series of posts covering a full Karazhan clear – mostly from a Main Tank’s Point of View.

Now that you’ve taken out the Shade, you have easy access to Illhoof.   Anytime I have a Warlock, we take out Illhoof immediately after the Shade – however if your DPS is particularly low, you are short on AOE, or you are under a time crunch, this is a fight I would consider skipping.

If the trash outside his door (bookcase) has respawned, you’ll need to take it out, but it is a simple pull.  Now, click on the bookcase and head down the ramp. Just inside of his room is large group of Imps – just pull them around the corner and let loose the AOE.

With the Imps gone, you can get a good look at Illhoof’s room.  Illhoof and his Imp buddy Kil’rek standing on the far side of a glowing green circle. This fight requires you manage both Illhoof and Kil’rek, raid members being Sacrificed, and a constant flow of Imps.

  • Illhoof and Kil’rek. Illhoof doesn’t hit particularly hard, which is good considering how busy the healers will be. Kil’rek barely hits a tank for any damage at all. A single tank can hold both, or an off-tank can be used to hold Kil’rek. Kil’rek can be killed pretty quickly by focused fire, providing a nice damage buff against Illhoof but he will respawn soon afterwards and need to be picked back up. I prefer to tank him along with Illhoof, and to simply let the AoE take him down.
  • The Imps: Have your warlock spam Seed of Corruption (and any other AoE they enjoy) on (or around) Illhoof. The Imps will appear near him, and focus fire on the ‘lock – so a dedicated healer on the ‘lock is important. If the Imps ever start to accumulate too fast, call for other AoE’ers to help get caught up. No warlock? Don’t worry.. Illhoof *is* optional. It can probably be done with other classes providing the AoE full time, but I’ve never found it to be worth the trouble. No ‘lock, no Illhoof.
  • Sacrifice: Throughout this fight Illhoof will “sacrifice” members of your raid – they’ll teleport to the middle of the green circle, and be covered in Demon Chains. While in the chains they take damage, and heal Illhoof. As soon as someone is teleported, they are going to need heals spammed on them, and all DPS (excluding the Imp warlock) need to switch to the Demon Chains and burst them down. To help with this have everyone create a macro “/tar demon”, and use that to get the correct target – there will be a lot of imps around to make targeting hard. It also helps to tank Illhoof near the circle, so that your melee DPS can switch targets quickly. Pallies can bubble out, and Mages can Iceblock.

This fight is reasonable easy to understand, but it reliant on having a good raid makeup, and very hard on a group with low DPS. If you don’t have the AoE to take out the imps, you can’t win. If your DPS is too slow getting the chains down, then Illhoof gets healed up too much, and you will slowly loose members to each sacrifice. If you run with only two healers, this fight gets rough if he focuses the sacrifices on them.

With a starting group, you can expect to survive five to six minutes (I’ve seen it go as long as 6’59” for a kill.)  As you progress this fight can be done much more quickly – as little as 2 minutes 30 seconds for my current group, at that speed you see so few sacrifices that there is simply less chance of things going wrong.

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