Karazhan: Chess Event

This is another in a series of posts covering a full Karazhan clear – mostly from a Main Tank’s Point of View.

Presuming you have cleared to Netherspite– or at least to the final ramp up to this area – you are very close to the Chess event.  In fact, all of the trash between the Shade’s room and the Chess Event is tied to Netherspite.

Just before you get to Netherspite’s room, you come to ‘a fork’ in the path.  One ramp leads up to Netherspite, the other down towards Chess.  Follow that ramp down, and you come to a room with two Ethereal Spellfilchers.  You can actually just kill one and sneak through, but I tend to take both out and avoid any potential of an accidental pull.  Leaving that room, you came to one more Ethereal Spellfilcher – and then you are done with the trash clear.

Before you get to the Games Room, you will hit a Ethereal vendor – this is a great place to empty your bags of the trash you’ve picked up, and to repair.  He also has a few recipes that are tied to reputation.

Through the door you will find the chess board.  This really is pretty simple, but there are a few things that you need to know.

  • The pieces are roughly based on Chess.  You win by killing the other side’s King.
  • When controlling a piece you get a pet bar.  The first button allows you to move, the second allows you to control facing (which determines your auto attack direction), and the last one or two are special abilities tied to that piece.
  • You start the match by talking to the King, and taking control of him.  From then on, anyone can talk to a unused piece to take control of it.
  • The King, the Healers (Bishops – next to the king and Queen), and a few Pawns in the middle really do need to be controlled.  Past that, it doesn’t really matter.
  • The other side will cheat.  You can ignore pretty much everything but the fire – you must move out of the fire.
  • If someone hasn’t seen this before, suggest they take one of the pawns (not a middle one) – so that you minimize the damage if they don’t get a pet bar.   Some people have interface issues that prevent it from showing up.

That really is it.  This is a quick easy ‘fight’ that is not based at all on gear or group makeup – basically a reward for having made it this far into Karazhan.

If you loose, you simply appear near the door and can try again.  There is no penalty, so there really is no pressure.

Once you win, your loot appears in a chest near the door – so make sure to grab it.  Everyone must take turns opening the chest to grab their Badges of Justice.

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