Karazhan: Prince Malchezaar

This is another in a series of posts covering a full Karazhan clear – mostly from a Main Tank’s Point of View.

I consider The Prince to be the final boss of Karazhan – he is certainly the farthest from the entrance, and he drops the highest level gear in the zone.  The hardest boss?  Probably not, but still the one more likely to wipe any given raid.  This is the most random fight in the zone – it can go very easily or be made quite difficult, based solely on the random element of infernal placement.

Thankfully, the clear to the Prince’s Tower is short. Starting in the Gamesman’s Hall, having just collected your Chess loot, the tank should climb the ramps and look inside the next room. You will see a double pull of Fleshbeasts, and a patrolling Greater Fleshbeast. I prefer to bring to deal with the double pull first – once clear, pull them and then jump down to the floor on the Hall. You’ll want to have an off-tank pick one of these up, and move it away to avoid spreading their cleave around too much.

Next pull the Greater Fleshbeast down to the group – these are capable of very quickly putting out a lot of damage on the tank, so healers will need to be ready for that.

Then, move everyone up the ramp, and deal with the two Fleshbeasts in the room to the right. The final pull, a Greater Fleshbeast, is up the spiral stairs – when climbing these stairs, make sure to go all the way to the top. There are mobs on other levels that can be pulled if you are careless.

The final trash mob down, you can all move onto the Prince’s tower. There is plenty of space to get into his room without pulling, which is good since the doors close when you start combat.

Throughout the fight there are a few key elements:

  • Enfeeble – This debuff will be placed on random raid members, reducing their total health pool to 1. Heals don’t help here (0/1 is dead, 1/1 is full health), so when you have did debuff you must avoid all damage. This will never be cast on the person at the top of the aggro list – so make sure the tank is at times the top of that list.
  • Shadownova – A 24-yard radius shadow bast, centered on the Prince that has a knockback in addition to ~3000 damage.  All ranged members should stay at near max range to avoid this. These always follow a few seconds after casting Enfeeble, so melee who are Enfeebled must run out of range immediately to avoid this blast.
  • Infernals – The Prince will also summon Infernals to land randomly on the top of the tower. Once these land they are stationary but, have a high damage AOE centered on them. Select a member of the ranged group to watch the sky for these – with some practice they will be able to predict where the infernal will land, and help to adjust the raid’s positioning.

This is a Three Phase fight, although the phases don’t vary widely

  • Phase One – From 100% down to 60% health. In this phase he beats on the tank with his fists, drops Infernals, casts Enfeable, and uses Shadownova. The tank should be up against a wall while tanking, with the ranged group starting at max distance in the middle of the room. I prefer to start tanking in the corner opposite the door (this allows the ranged group to follow me in, rather than have them get in position once I’m already tanking), but it really doesn’t matter. The ‘Infernal Watcher’ needs to tell the melee and ranged group where to move to avoid Infernal drops.
  • Phase Two – From 60% to 30% health. Same as phase one, but now he uses Axes – this means his damage goes up considerably. This phase is where you are most likely to loose your tank to a burst of damage, so healers need to be extremely aggressive.
  • Phase Three – From 30% to Death. No more Enfeables, increased rate of Infernals, and the Axes start flying around and hitting people. Healers will need to get heals on the ‘Axe targets’, in addition to the tank.  Thankfully the damage on the Tank drops off some here, and the flying Axes don’t hit too hard – all good since the quicker Infernal drops will almost certainly have you scrambling a bit.

Much of this fight revolves around the Infernals.  Of course your DPS can’t have silly ‘Enfeebled’ deaths, and you have to keep the tank up through the massive damage the Prince puts out – but if the Infernals don’t drop near you, this fight can go pretty smoothly. However, they will at times chase you around the tower – with every drop landing on either the ranged or melee groups. Sometimes you get trapped and can’t do anything, but often times quick thinking and repositioning can save the attempt. The ‘Infernal Caller’ learning to quickly and clearly announce the landing spot, and directing everyone where to move is critical here, and only comes with practice.

Many groups use ‘safe spots’, but recent patches have changed the Infernals to hit these spots as well. Using these you may get lucky, but if you get hit, you have few options to reposition. I prefer to start the ranged group in the middle of the room, so that they have maximum freedom to move once the Infernals start landing – just mark one ranged member to determine the group position and have everyone follow them.

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