The once and future WoW Blog

Taking a bit of a break from WoW, and as such I’ve been avoiding the blog as well.  I’ll likely address the “why I’m not playing” question in another post, presuming I can stretch it out any farther than “I’m tired”.  Looking at my post history, I presume that won’t be an issue.

I started this blog intending it to be more of a “My Interests” page, rather than a WoW blog.  However, since WoW has consumed much of my free-time in the last year it isn’t surprising that I’ve not strayed very far from that single topic.  I expect that to change.  I also expect that I’ll be back to playing WoW before too long, so there will be posts on that subject as well.  I will likely be in the WotLK Beta, and will almost certainly start playing again sometime before Wrath launches – just not now.

The wife and I are playing other games, watching movies, and catching up on some things that have been on-hold for too long.  We are also just a few days back from visiting my new nephew :D.  I may end up writing about some of that.  The Wrath Beta, BlizzCon 2008 (if tickets ever go on sale) and big WoW news are also fair game.  However, it wouldn’t shock me if the page is a bit quieter than usual for a while.  We’ll see.

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