Moose Mousse

A major side-effect of taking a break from Warcraft is that I have far more time available.  Clearly ‘Raid nights’ took up several nights a week, but the time spent setting up raid groups, preparing strategies, or even the quick “20-minute auction house scan” – all really adds up quick.

Tuesday we can home from work and painted a room, and then went out furniture shopping for a few hours. After ordering a new couch, we headed out to Mimi’s for a late dinner, before heading home for the evening.

This room has set empty – excepting a rug on the floor – and bare walled for about two years. With a coat of Moose Mousse paint up on the wall it already feels more like a living space.

The couch is a reasonably contemporary piece. Armless, clean lined, and with the “Celery” fabric I’m very excited about how it will work in the room. It won’t be delivered for 4 to 6 weeks, but we’ve already got an idea for several other pieces to help the room feel a little more complete. We have several other still unpainted and empty rooms and have lived for 2 years with the barest few window coverings decency allows, so there is still a lot more work to do around the house – but starting to make a dent in the list feels really good.

Pulling into the garage Tuesday evening, it was only a bit after 9:00, and I realized that we had done more in one evening (painting, shopping, eating out) than we typically have done over an entire weekend – or even most weeks.

All this following a Monday evening in which we played a par-3 golf course, worked out at a driving range, bought paint and supplies at Lowes, and took care of the week’s grocery shopping.

While I’m somewhat missing WoW, I am very much enjoying all the “extra” time I have. Simply not having a raid at 7:00 – requiring me to be online by 6:15 at the latest – frees up several nights each week.   I’m also realizing now how often we stayed at home the entire evening and poked around in game, even if nothing was scheduled and we didn’t end up actually doing anything..

I’m certainly don’t regret the time spent playing WoW (well, not all of it) – but I’m hoping that I can remember *this* feeling, once I finally do start playing again. I’ve not been so good and finding balance, and while my wife has been very patient with (and probably shared more than a bit of) my OCD, this is something I”m going to need to be cognizant of once I do start playing again.

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