Just when I thought I was out…

Wednesday evening I came home to a completed Wrath of the Lich King client download. I casually checked that it had completed, and started the actual client install – which took perhaps 20 minutes to complete. We had dinner and then, through unspoken agreement to resolutely ignore WoW put on a DVD from Netflix.

Out Netflix movie queue is a bit of a mess – Scifi movies, old TV series, classic movies, documentaries, and increasingly Indie projects. The Indies started as mainly comedies, as we both enjoy the darker – and slightly more subtle – of humor sense of humor that they tend towards. Of late however, more and more Indie Dramas have made their way onto the list, and we’ve generally enjoyed them.

I tend to separate good indie films from weird art projects. Netflix occasionally does not, and this particular move was a bust. At 5 minutes my wife was giving me the “really?” look. Five minutes later I was looking for a sign that the movie might settle down into something coherent. Ten minutes more and we gave up. Nothing to see here, back in the mailbox it goes.

And there sat the Wrath client.

Nope.  Not going to play tonight.  Not gonna do it.

Then I wondered about my interface folder.. My Addons? Will they still work in Wrath?

A quick check of the Beta Forums made it clear that no, my interface would not be working.  The vast majority of addons will need to be updated.  My beautiful, beautiful interface is dead.

Since updating my interface clearly isn’t really playing – simply smart proactive preparedness – I logged in to check the damage.  Without my action-bar addon, I needed to redo my key bindings, and remap by abilities.  By this point both my wife and I were groaning over the unplayability of the standard interface.  Obviously, we’d have to go train and pick a pick talent specs.  From there, it was short trip to the boat up to Northrend.

A few minutes of looking around the first town turns into an hour of questing.  Not quite what I’d intended for the evening, but it was a lot of fun.  We got pulled into the story, moving from quest to quest quickly.  In the same way that Outland felt like ‘more’ than WoW 1.0, this feels like the next step.  I can’t point at any one thing that makes the difference, just that the whole experience is simply ‘more’.  I could easily have spent the entire night moving through quests, only pausing to write up quest comments and the *very* occasional bug report.  I didn’t, but I could have.

The next few days should be pretty busy, but I think I’ll not be promising myself to pass on ‘testing’ for the entire weekend.  Utguard Keep looks like too much fun 😀

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