[70E] BlizzCon 2008 Tickets

BlizzCon 2007 was so much fun, that when I heard the BlizzCon 2008 announcement I was quickly making plans. In ’07 we took the long flight out for the convention, and then hopped on a boat for a short 4-day cruise from Los Angeles.

This time we decided to wit to make plans until we knew we had tickets, so when I heard that tickets had gone on sale yesterday morning around 10:00 we headed home “for a few minutes” to order tickets and finalize the rest of our plans. By noon we had made most of the trip plans, and were just waiting on the tickets.  The servers were not behaving themselves.

I eyed the collection of Scotch bottles.

Another hour later, I made a call to the office to let them know I wasn’t going to make it back in, while my wife ran back to her office to lock up and picked up lunch on the way back.

Hours passed. More Errors. I stopped simply eying the Scotch bottles took action.

I got my Blizzard Store account created. Entered my credit card information. Repeatedly refreshing, I once made it to the final pre-confirmation screen. More Murloc.

More hours passed. Blizzard reported that they hadn’t actually sold *any* tickets yet.

In the spells where the store wasn’t completely shut down, I refined my technique. I stopped cursing the Murloc before pressing “back” in an oft-futile attempt to get the previous screen to load. A simple spamming of ‘F5’ meant that I at least didn’t go backwards in the process.. at least till Maintenance STV showed up again. And again.

My glass was once again empty. I had no tickets.

The store went down. The store came back.

Then – as if by magic – I progressed through the five order screens. No errors. No Murloc. It was almost like using a website developed by people who aren’t masochists. I got the final screen. The “Place Order” button was there… and… Murloc.

I, at this point, perhaps, slandered the murloc. And his family. Some special attention paid to his parentage and questionable heritage. Evening activities for the murloc were, most likely, suggested. Ahem.

Out of breath and dejected, I glanced at the window showing my email account.

Inbox (1)

Blizzard Store Order #15…..

It took a few moments to convince myself that the message was what it appeared to be. Having been slapped down far to many times, I was wary to trust it. Afraid that this was simply a new tactic being employed by the murloc. However.. it looked real. In the Blizzard store ‘My Orders’ verified that the order had gone through. A quick check of the credit card showed that a hold had been placed by Blizzard.

Jubilation! More Scotch!

My wife made reservations for the rest of our trip out west. I watch, and encouraged – however I was too beaten down to help much.. and drunk.. that was a lot of Scotch.

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2 Comments on “[70E] BlizzCon 2008 Tickets”

  1. Whatevr Says:

    Screw you, unlike the rest of us posting a near miss doesnt make anyone feel better. YYu got tickets. Most of us spent nearly 2 days trying to get through the Failoc. Lucky bastard.

  2. notcoding Says:

    Fair enough.

    However, in my defense, when this was posted Blizzard hadn’t yet announced the tickets were gone.

    I’m shocked that tickets did end up selling out as quickly as they did.

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