Guild Status

While I’ve been logging into the Live WoW servers again, I haven’t really done much. My Auction House toon is working to start getting ready for Wrath, but I’ve mainly been logging in to chat for a few minutes.

In my absence several people have left the guild, but most of those are people I don’t miss. However, a group of people who I did play with a lot split of and formed a new guild.

It seems that when I left, the guild leader also stopped logging in very much. There was a bit of a power struggle between some of the officers, who were all ‘just trying to help’. Eventually the guild leader showed back up, but was still very burnt out. He ended up passing the guild off to one of the senior officers, a good friend of his, and I haven’t seen him back in game since. We email regularly though, and I’ll likely be playing in the Warhammer Beta with him.

I’ve chatted with the new Guild Leader and told him that I’m not sure what my plans are. I’m certainly not going to jump back in and take on a lot of responsibilities, and I’m not sure if I’m even going to stay guilded. He is trying to convince us to hang around, and if we do stay, it will be mostly for his sake. He is a great guy, and while he would never say so, he’d be hurt by our leaving. Also, I’m still reasonably well thought of in the guild. While a few carefully chosen words could splinter the remaining guild, my continued presence validates the new leadership.

The ‘splinter guild’ I mentioned is another source of drama. A wife/husband couple formed the guild along with some other former-guildies. I know this caused a lot of drama, and they’ve gotten plenty of grief over it, but it seems to me like a reasonable reaction to the situation. No less so since they weren’t officers in the guild and didn’t like the way things were going.

So, where am I going? I don’t think I’m joining my friend’s new guild – at least not for quite a while.

If I stay where I am at now, it will likely be just because I have nothing else to do, no where else to go. Not a good reason to be somewhere.

So, what am I even looking for? A T5/T6 progressing guild. Serious & skilled, but not angry & hardcore. I’m not interested in simply gear waves of new people in Karazhan or heroics. For me, at this point, gear isn’t an issue – but I would like to find a good group of people, and see some of this content. I’d also like to see how other guilds deal with raiding.

I think.

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