WotLK Beta: Tanking The Nexus

The second instance in Wrath of the Lich King is The Nexus, located on the island of Coldera in the Borean Tundra.

Having already tanked Utgarde Keep, I found this dungeon to be quite a different experience. UK features near trivial trash, paired with challenging boss fights. The Nexus, by contrast, felt more trash focused. I don’t know that there really is any more trash in The Nexus than UK, but there are slightly larger, more closely spaced pulls. I forced my party to work extra by accidentally pulling multiple groups several times.

The bosses, however, never really felt like a threat. They do have some interesting mechanics, but they never felt at all chaotic. I don’t have any specific complaints about the fights, except that they somehow didn’t seem to be the focus.

The biggest challenge of the run was simply navigating the group through the zone. The final boss is in the middle of the zone, with the other three (along with the entrance), surrounding it. A path circles the instance, connecting the bosses, and “spokes” join each bosses area to the center. Sounds easy enough, but the hallways wind quite a bit, and it is pretty easy to get turned around. Having DPS’d the instance once before, I had an idea of the layout, otherwise we would have spent far more time wandering around. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t Sunken Temple or BRD, but it is a slight departure from the TBC standard.

I will note that my wife disagrees about zone being trash heavy, and seems to have enjoyed it quite as much as Utgarde Keep. I’m not entirely convinced that running with a Unholy Death Knight , who was a bit to eager to lay down AOE attacks, didn’t make the trash more of a hassle than they otherwise have been. Being a warrior, and still hoping for something good in promised “prot-review”, I had more trouble controlling the largish packs of non-elites than other tanks might.

The Nexus does score some major points for it’s story. When coupled with the quests in Coldera, this instance really is very interesting – far better than Utgarde Keep’s lore. I strongly suggest playing through the entire Coldera quest lines, even if you skip the rest of Borean Tundra. The zone is also visually stunning, far moreso than UK.

The drops are similar to UK, in that they are Karazhan+ level gear. Coupled with the three quests that you can complete in The Nexus, each of which also provides very nice rewards, and it is certainly worth running the Nexus at least oncewhile leveling. More if you get tired of Utgarde Keep.

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