Guild plans going into WotLK

With Wrath of the Lich King getting closer to going live my planning for my time at level 80 has started. I’m certain that I’ll not be staying with my current guild, as the guild has morphed considerably from what it was. I still have friends there, but it is no longer home. I’ll be leaving as soon as I can be bothered to log on to Live, and can catch the current guild leader for a chat.

I have been talking to the previous guild leader, and we’re discussing our plans. We have come up with three options we could go down, and are looking at the pros & cons.

Find a ‘Baby Bear’ guild

We could look to find an existing guild. The upside here is that we could, hopefully, slide into an existing system. With existing leadership, we’d not have to carry any of that burden. After the burnout of taking on too much responsibility in TBC, this is an obvious plus.

The challenge here is finding the right ballance. A guild that is serious enough, but not too serious. Hardcore enough, but not crazy. Members who are mostly in the same place we are, who play similar hours, and with a comfortable guild culture. This is a lot to ask, and not things that you can find out until you live with a guild for a while. There are many guilds that are “too hot” or “too cold” for every one that is “just right”.

Should I stumble on this perfect guild, then this is a great option.. but since that is a lot like planning to win the lottery to afford retirement, alternative plans will also be made.

Join “The Splinter Guild”

This guild is a group of people who left several weeks back, and started up their own thing. I’ve been invited to join, and was initially tempted. Small and raid focused, they are planning to be selective about their members. Avoid bringing in people they don’t particularly like, just for the sake of raiding. Good plans. Good people too. I count several of them as friends, especially the married couple that is running things. However, a few of their players, while being good people, are not skilled players. Good people, well meaning, they just perform at 60% of what you would hope for. I spent TBC carrying these same players players though raids, I’m just not sure I can do that again.. at least not if I want to remain friendly.

Also.. the married guild leaders are having problems of the domestic sort. I don’t know all the details, but I know enough to not expect things to be smooth and happy. Without the “war at home” I’d be leery of joining. With it, I just can’t imagine it as an option.

Start Over

There is a good reason that this is the bottom of the list. Making a new guild is basically the default option, if we can’t find any other choices. That isn’t to say there aren’t upsides.

I like the idea of a guild that is more raid focused from the start.  Last time around I pushed a mostly social guild into raiding.  Pushed isn’t the right word, since everyone wanted to raid, but there were a lot of people who were brought because of who they were.  The guild culture really didn’t allow for me to sit people out for not performing, at least not without a hearing a week of complaints from some long time members that we are becoming “too hardcore.”   Starting off with that focus in mind, even if we aren’t really all that hardcore, would help.

Also, I enjoy a having a leadership role. I enjoy raid leading. It is all the crap that comes with it that gives me pause. In TBC, we took on too much, with too large of a guild.  It was far too much work for two people to manage, and both the guild leader and myself ended up burning out early this summer.

So, there are two big questions here: (1) How do we avoid doing that again? & (2) How would we setup leadership?

I don’t need to leader tag. I don’t know that I even want it. I did plenty of that work while simply being the Raid Leader. I do want to have a voice in how things are done, but the tag itself doesn’t matter. The obvious choice is to simply take our previous roles, and then try to work out a way to mitigate some of the workload. This might work, but another option has been suggested..

When I suggested to my wife that she take the leader tag, she laughed. A lot. In TBC she helped me all the time, but never took on an officer position. She could have pressed for one, but as she already had the ‘voice’ in the guild, and was basically treated as an officer, she was never interested in pushing for the title.

Here, the idea is that we would have the three of us (at a minimum) run the guild as a group effort.  Council of elders, or whatever.  Optimistically, the Guild Leader would be the face of the guild, and the focal point for a lot of the ‘People Problems.’  No one wants to deal with this crap, but pilling it on top of someone also recruiting, raid leading, or organizing runs is simply too much.  She’s offered to be the “first among equals”, taking the guild tag to take some of that burden.  The main thing here is to try to find a design that avoids piling too much work onto two people, and letting everyone actually enjoy all their playtime.  Anyone have ideas on this?  Other approaches?

Even with this potential solution, there are other questions. 10-man or 25-man focus? Who else can we bring in to help as officers? How do we recruit? Do we really want to deal with all this, and not just be a raider somewhere else?

Lots of issues here. Re-reading this post so far, I think *I know* what the answer is.. I’m just not certain. More than that, all three of us have to be certain.

The ’10-man can see everything’ raiding focus is likely to allow many people to rethink their guild status, I just wonder if the Wrath launch will cause as much guild reworking as BC did?

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