The Talk

Even though I’ve known it was coming, breaking up is hard to do..

While I’ve not been an active guild member for weeks, and certainly have long given up role as Raid Leader, I’ve put off making final my decision to move on.  I’ve not wanted to leave the guild without having a talk with the new (well, 2 months or so now, but still new to me) Guild Master.  My wife and I both consider him a friend, and we wanted to chat with him a bit to let him know ahead of time that we were leaving.  The problem has been catching him online, as his work schedule and my limited playtime (on live servers) haven’t been matching up well.

.. and since this type of this always sucks, I’ve spent the last week logging on, and being slightly grateful to not see him online.

Last night I was on my main – prospecting ore, cutting gems to ship back to the auction house, catching up with a few friends, and explaining why I didn’t want to fill in a Karazhan run, when he finally popped online.

We chatted a bit, and then I explained our plans to leave the guild.  He was sad, but not shocked.  Said that we’d always have a home there, which I appreciate, and that we were welcome back anytime.  The guild has changed a lot in the last few months, so much so that I don’t see myself going back, but I would like to keep close ties to a few of the members.  Hopefully leaving in as peaceful a way as possible may make that easier.

I know they are still rebounding from loosing the former guild leader, and then having another group split off on their own.  The last few months have mostly been damage control for the new leadership, which is a sucky way to spend your first weeks in control.

I did suggest that we would actually /gquit at a quiet time.  There will be some questions, I’m certain, for both us and the GM, but letting people slowly find out that we’ve left seems to be the lower drama option.  Having been on the other side of the ‘drama llama’ my share of times, I’m trying to limit the amount of grief I cause on the way out.

I’m also somewhat curious how my soon-to-be-former guildmates will react to me afterwards.  I know that some of them have reacted angrily to others leaving, and have at best stopped talking to them entirely.  I’d like to hope that won’t be the case here, but I’m certain that it will be, at least for some people.

Going into Wrath, there are at least a few still guilded players that I’d very much like to group with in Northrend, so I’m hoping that I can, at a minimum, salvage a few of those relationships in the next few weeks.

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