Wrath Beta: Upcoming Prot Warrior Changes

In the beta forums, Ghostwolf has posted another string of answer to warrior concerns. (link)

Several of these show where warriors will, or are likely to, be going in the next few patches.  She addresses pretty much every outstanding concern that I’ve been holding on to, so things are looking very good.

At the moment Revenge doesn’t seem strong enough to make it into the standard rotation, especially since Devastate can proc free Shield Slams though Sword and Board.  Ghostwolf says:

Putting it into Sword and Board is something we are discussing.


We will probably add Revenge to S+B to make sure it gets used more (and might buff it’s AP coefficient a tad).

So, Revenge is getting buffed..  what about Shield Slam?

We nerfed Devastate (for good reason) and haven’t given warriors anything back yet. We don’t want to just buff Revenge, because that doesn’t help dps when you aren’t the tank. Shield Slam is a good candidate.

We are going to buff Shield Slam’s damage (but probably it’s flat damage because it scales very well already) to make sure it remains the go-to ability for Prot, even when not tanking.

Great! While tanking, I’ve started to notice the 4-target cap on Thunderclap – especially since I haven’t been able to pick up the Glyph that (previously) increased T-Clap to 8 targets.  That glyph is starting to feel like it is going to be required..

It’s not mandatory, and actually it only increases your radius. Thunder Clap will do what you want it to do, but that’s another topic. 🙂

So, Thunderclap is going to scale to more targets?  Possibly simply have the target cap removed?  More on *that* topic please! /happydance

On top of all this great warrior news, she makes an attempt to try and compete with Tigole’s quote from earlier this week:

Here is similar case. Go look at the other forums. The list of threads I’ve seen lately of classes who say they are not doing enough damage: hunters, shamans, paladins, rogues, priests, death knights, druids, warlocks. I am not exaggerating. Maybe the druids have quieted down with the recent Balance changes. I haven’t heard much out of the mages lately. Sometimes you’ll see maybe a Retadin saying “Okay, we might be doing a tiny bit too much damage, but we still shouldn’t be nerfed.”

Also just keep in mind that most people posting about how their classes need to better do have a teeny bit of conflict of interest. I’m not saying most of the community is trying to badger us into making them OP. But it’s something you do have to be cognizant of.


The next couple of beta patches are looking very good for Protection Warriors, once these changes hit we are starting to feel “done”.  I can’t wait!

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