WotLK: 540 Defense at Level 80, redux

Settled back in from my recent traveling, I spent a few hours on Beta working on getting Crit Immune. This means 5.6% Crit Reduction. At level 80, sans PvP gear, this means 540 defense.

My first plan was to get hope to get close, and then to use a Minor Flask to cover the gap. This would mean giving up an useful flask or elixirs, but taking Crits is not fun, so I’d made my piece with it. Turn out, that while I’m keeping this in my back pocket as an option, it shouldn’t be required.

Still wearing 3 epics from level 70, gemming and enchanting for defense, picking up several BOE Blacksmithing Blues, and a few lucky instance drops, I’ve been able to hit the soft-cap of 540. It ends up not being as hard as I’d expected, but you do pay a price. The Blacksmithing Blues are a straight cash outlay, but they have so much defense that almost everyone will need them early on. Having everything so focused on defense means that you are neglecting Stamina, DPS, Hit, Expertise, and (to a lesser extent) Avoidance.

[Armor Mitigation actually comes out ok, through a wierd itemization quirk. Most of the +def rings and trinkets are also +armor items. I presume this is to balance out their desirability between Druids and the Plate Tanks. Plate tanks like +def a lot, and +armor is nice too. +Def is far less useful for Druids, but they get *so* much use out of the Armor, that will still look at these pieces. Pairing these two stats means that you can have +armor on items without them being overpowered for Druids, a kind of intentional mis-itemization that I think should work very well.]

In my current un-crittable gear, my health is lower than it was previously, and my avoidance numbers are miserable. However, every +def upgrade from here on out lets me change out an enchant or a gem, so I expect things to improve rapidly.

A few notes:

  • Getting Un-crittable does not require all level 78+ blues, though several will help
  • The lesser Sons of Hodir shoulder enchant (Honored Reputation level) are about equal to the Exalted Aldor/Scryer Shoulder Enchants. Once you get the rep, the Sons of Hodir option is cheaper, but early on, just head back to Shatt. Getting exalted with the Sons of Hodir requires a lot of daily quest grinding, so don’t plan on having the Greater option from them at the start.
  • The PVP focused turn in from Stone Keeper’s Shards (new Spirit Shards) are loaded with Resiliance, and may be a good option to help cover a +def gap.
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