An offer declined

Last week a pair of former guildies, now running their own shop, asked me to come along and OT in ZA.  I consented to go, partly because they were in danger of calling the run and I hated to leave them in a spot.  However, it helps that they have been, since the patch, been doing full clears, and I did want to ‘see’ all of it.

It was quick, though it was obvious that the 3.0.2 boss nerfs, and player buffs played a large role here.  Seeing things in their current state does feel a bit like cheating the content.  This isn’t ZA that I remember, and while I I’m glad to have seen the entire zone, it certainly doesn’t feel the same.

However, It was nice to run with some old guildies – folks that I haven’t run with in months.  Many of the guild’s members are friends, and they are looking at growing for Wrath.  Their goal is to start with two 10-man groups, and then quickly move into 25-mans as the expansion gets going.  For that, they need another Main Tank, and a second Raid Leader.  This is where I come in.  Basically, I would have my own raid team for the 10-man runs, and would play support in the 25-mans.  I do think that having two raid leaders in 25-mans is key (having basically done it solo in TBC), so this sounds like a good plan.

This position is also being promised as low maintenance, at least outside of raids.  Basically, they have an established core, and just need someone suited to the Raid Lead job – so, outside of that, no other responsibilities or duties.  Which, based on my burnout this past summer, probably looks like a good selling point.  This is a misread of my state of mind, but an understandable one.

A related issue is our former guild leader.  The wife and I have spent a lot of time with him testing in Beta, and more recently doing our final tour of the Outland Heroics.  Late summer saw him involved in a rather messy situation with a couple of former guildies – the very couple currently recruiting me for their guild.  I won’t go into the details, as this is the type of thing that the llama lives for, except to say that I believe he was the ‘more innocent’ party, and that the result was that he cut off contact entirely.  Given the mess that the situation was, this was the only rational way to go – a position that I counseled at the time.

That said, his coming along and joining my new ‘raid team’ would not be a sane option.

My choice here, seems obvious.  The many friends in the prospective guild, versus the one outside.  Even if I hadn’t other misgivings about the guild – and it’s leaders specifically – I’m certain that this would have been enough to make up my mind.

I could probably try to find a compromise.  Convince all sides to ‘get along’, ‘play nice’, and communicate through me.  It wouldn’t be pretty, but if I bullied everyone involved into it, I may even be able to make things work.  Were it not such a horrible, selfish idea.

Having gone through all of this, I officially ‘passed’ on the offer the weekend.  I was friendly, and polite, choosing an ‘It’s not you, it’s me’ tact in an attempt to keep a bridge fully un-burned.  Too tactful, perhaps, as they still seem to be harboring hope that I’ll join eventually.  While waiting till I’m wearing another guild tag will certainly get the point across, I think I’d be better served by finding a nice way to say “no means no”.

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