Tanking Level 70 Heroics post-3.0

I’m finding myself playing on the live servers more and more the past week, and the achievement system has me firmly in it’s grasp.  Specifically, the Heroic Dungeon Achievements.  The annoyance here is that I’ve done 80% of them pre-3.0, many as part of the Daily Heroics, but those Daily Quests don’t seem to have transfered to the new system.

So, to fill out that list, we’ve been doing the tour.  We’ve already hit the ones that I’ve seen many times, and more recently started hitting some that I’d missed to this point.  First trips included Blood Furnace and Old Hillsbrad.  My current count is 4 left, and I expect that will be taken care of by the end of the week.

The runs have been easy.  Super easy.  No CC has been needed, and I’ve often intentionally pulled several groups at a time, either to up the challenge, or to simply speed up the runs.  And they have been fast – most in the 25 to 40 minute range.

Being guildless at the moment, I’ve been pugging 1 or 2 spots in each run.  While guilded, I almost never got to use /LFG, since we were always short tanks for 5-mans.  Maybe I’ve been lucky, but I haven’t had the first problem using /LFM.  While the DPS isn’t, generally speaking, amazing – I haven’t had any runs ‘ruined’.  In fact, I’ve added a few names to my Friend List, people that I’ve found to be quite skilled – at times in spite of their current gear level.  These are certainly the type of people I’ll be looking for more of going forward.

As to how the DPS is doing, it is uneven.  The Mage that we usually run with is consistently putting out the most damage (generally as much as the other 2 DPS combined).  On most runs I’m coming in 2nd, or at worst a very close 3rd.  This is a major difference, and to be honest, it feels like we could 3-man most of these runs.

Things don’t feel at all like they did pre-3.0, where I would typically mark mobs for CC, and move a lot more deliberately through instances.  In a lot of ways, I miss that way of doing things – the tactics, and consequences for making a mistake.  However, this really amounts to a farewell tour of these zones, and as such, I am enjoying it.

All the same, I do look forward to a rougher time in the Wrath Heroics.  As much as I am enjoying the cape and tights, it is nice to think there are other places to explore; Places where, just maybe, they have tracked down my Kryptonite.

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