Auchenai Crypts – we hates them

My method for dealing with the Achievement System is to pick a few categories, and to pretend that everything else doesn’t exist. Doing otherwise would lead to madness.

Well, more madness.

One section that I am going through is the Outland 5-mans. I’ve done nearly every 5-man on Heroic, and even though I didn’t get credit for many of them (why didn’t the Heroic Daily quests get included in the conversion?), I decided that going through them all one last time would be fun. And it has been.

Most nights, while chatting on Vent, we’ve picked up 2 pug members (or, perhaps, an ex-guildie we want to catch up with) and have set off to take care of a couple more runs. In all, it has gone very well. 33 minute Shattered Halls. Screaming fast Black Morass, with me tanking the adds at the portal. Shadow Labs in under 40 minutes, with no CC. Not a challenge, and certainly not what I’d enjoy long-term – but as a farewell tour of the content, it is serving quite well.

Sunday evening saw just two Heroics left of the list. Auchenai Crypts and Mana Tombs. These haven’t showed up as either of the Daily Dungeon Quests, and have never been popular, so it has been easy to leave them for last. In my normal scanning of the LFM list, I found a mage who actually wanted to do Crypts, so we pulled in one more for their guild, and off we went.

I hates it. Hate Hate Hate.

Way back, just after launch, we tried Crypts on normal. We had just joined (our now previous) guild, and were dutifully working to integrate ourselves. It went horribly. Adds everywhere, death & mind-control. The night ended with us not being able to get the first boss down. It was quite a while before we ventured back in there again, and then only under duress.

Last night, we had wipes. Just a pair of complete wipes, but another two times my wife (our healer) had to run back. That just doesn’t happen anymore. Both total wipes were near the start, when I just couldn’t get a hold of the adds and got then mind controlled. Good times.

We ended up settling into a slower pace, relearning which mobs needed CC (CC! In one of my Heroic runs! Bah!) and which were immune. Both boss fights sucked. One-shotted, but suckily. I was totally beat down by the end of it. Shockingly the rest of the group wanted to do something else (personally, I judge them for not getting out as soon as possible, but I guess that groups with both a tank and healer are still hard to come by.)

So, off to Shattered Halls. Was the Daily Heroic, so we got a quick 6 badges. No CC and only pausing for mana before the bosses; in and out in under 35 minutes. *That* is how Heroics are supposed to be. We finished the night with a quick Heroic Black Morass – always a moral booster, and called it for the evening.

That leaves Mana Tombs. I’ve not done that on Heroic, but I do have some Shadow Resist gear sitting around in the bank. We’ll likely try that sometime the next few nights. Hopefully it will go better than Crypts.

ps: Dear Crypts, you are officially off the “2009, level 80 Nostalgia Tour”.

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