Midnight WotLK Launch

Yesterday afternoon, my wife called our local Gamestop to verify our preorders for Collectors Editions of Wrath.

PSA:  If you have a preorder at a brick and mortar store, call and verify it.  If you pre-ordered online, still verify it.  There are reports that some stores have modified (or dropped) some preorders.  Better to find out now & make alternate plans, then to wait till the 13th.

They did verify that the order was in the system, and even knew they were CEs without being told.  A good sign.  The surprise came when she asked when they’d be opening Thursday morning – and was told that they are doing a midnight launch!

Now, generally, I’m past the point where I roll out of bed at midnight for anything.  The last midnight event I remember doing was for Star Wars Episode 1, however, as this promises to be good fun I expect we will turn out for it.

We will likely still be heading into the office Thursday and Friday (at least for part of each day) and playing several of the pre-dawn hours Thursday AM, so I expect that some modification of the sleep schedule will be required.  Should be.. interesting.

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