Outland Heroic Tour – Completed

Tuesday evening, having gotten a late start due to voting (just over an hour in line) and the server not liking the 3.0.3 patch, we set off to finish up the last Heroic 5-man on our Achievement lists – Mana Tombs.

I’ve never tanked – or run at all – Mana Tombs on Heroic. I have a Shadow Resist set to use on the first boss, but with so many other *fun* instances out there, revisiting MT has never been a priority. I logged on knowing that I could twist a few arms and find people to run it, but was hoping we’d somehow manage to quickly find a group & get it done. I wanted to get it done, but I also had the election results in he background – the longer it took, the more attention was going to be diverted.

Visiting the Daily Dungeon Quest givers, I was amazed to see that Mana Tombs was a daily – and not just a daily, the daily heroic! Joy! Minutes later, we two people pulled from the /LFG queue and were off. One of them even had a Key to do the optional boss near the end – I’d totally forgotten that was there, but appreciated the chance for a free badge.

All in all, the run wasn’t bad. I hadn’t been there in ages (and then on regular), and there are an obnoxious number of casters, stuns and off-target charges, but it went well. We had a few deaths, but no wipes, and those were generally DPS opening up before I’d finished LOS’ing a pack, or when I got hit by two stuns in a row at the start of a fight.

With a fully buffed Shadow Resist of nearly 240, the first boss was trivial; simply a matter of not smacking him while his shield was up. The final boss (the Prince) was far less trouble that I remember it having been on regular mode – the dps was able to burn down the adds quickly, and I was able to hold them still while they did so. Without adds running around eating people, the fight is simple.

I do know that the healing was no piece of cake. I heard far more mashing of buttons and muttered cursing than I’m used to on a Heroic run, mainly due to the amount of damage that the enemy casters spread around the group. There is a particularly nasty Fire debuff that was causing healing stress for much of the 2nd half of the run.

Personally, I think that Mana Tombs gets a bad rap. It isn’t half as bad as Crypts, even though the two of them are generally lumped together. The Mana Tombs hate – mine, at least – probably comes not from the instance, but that damned escort at the end. I never did complete that while in the appropriate level range, and I always left that instance somewhat dejected due to it.

On heroic, it isn’t an issue. There is an extra boss that you can summon if you have managed to stumble across a key, but that was a very simple tank and spank. Plus a badge.

Now, having accidentally collected nearly 100 badges, I need to do one last shopping trip.  Perhaps something for leveling, maybe in a nice shade of DPS…

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