Guild Ranks

The planning for our Guild Experiment continues. Currently, we are working out the Ranks that we will be using for both Members and Officers.


In the Officer category, there will be three ranks: Guild Master, Raid Leader and Officer.

The Guild Master will be my wife. Final say on all guild policy and practice is hers, but the role’s focus is on the non-raiding aspects of the guild. This includes most of the day-to-day ‘work’, so we’ll be trying to spread some of that that around.

We’ll have two Raid Leaders, myself and the GM of our former guild. We’ll take on most all of the Raid duties, as well as enough of the general work to keep my wife sane. A third Raid Leader may be added, but not immediately.

We will start with no general Officers. The Officer rank will be filled, but only as needed. We are going to try to assign Officer roles – bank, recruiting, social, whatever – and fill those roles with good, willing people – rather than promoting people to Officer, and hoping they find something to help with. Most of all, this rank will not be used as a reward of any kind. We need to find other ways to reward veterans, as opposed to simply using promotions.


There will also be an Officer Alt rank that will have access to the /officer & /guild chat, but nothing else. There will be an Alt rank for all non-officers as well, with /guild access and nothing else. We are going to enforce a ‘declare your main’ and everything else is an Alt rule. Mostly to deal with our past baggage, but there it is. Aside from the main/alt raiding issues, this limits the damage that a hacked account can do to the Guild Bank. It is certainly an inconvenience for inviting or promoting members, or dealing with the bank, but for now we think the benefits outweigh the costs. We’ll see.


For General Members, there will be three ranks also: Member, Raider and Core Raider.

All three of these ranks are equivalent for everything outside of raiding – especially for consideration of promotion to an Officer rank.

Raiders are simply Members who have agreed to a stricter set of guidelines – Raid Preparedness, and in exchange get more access to Raiding. We know we will have some casual members, who may raid as fill-ins, but don’t want to commit to several runs a week, or to 100% of our Raid Guidelines. That is fine & we embrace that. That is also why we are breaking out these ranks.

Syndera on the World of Matticus blog just posted an entry that mentioned difficulties with the Member/Raider split. We’ll be talking about this, and watching the situation. This *seems* like a good way to go, but we will bail on it if it doesn’t work out.

Core Raiders are small sub-set of Raiders, perhaps just a handful at any time. These are the absolute Core of the raid team, and the types of players that everyone always wants around. These will likely fill the role of ‘Class Leads’, without requiring exactly one of each class/role. More a way to “raise up” some raiders, without promoting them to a position of responsibility that they may not want (or be suited for).


Beyond those, we’ll have Initiates. The Initiate process will have no set time-line. I expect some will move through it quickly, and others will stay there for quite a while. This is a trial rank, eventually we will promote them to a full member rank, or inform them that things aren’t working out.

Initiates who are interested in Raiding will go through a more rigorous process, and will have reduced loot priority on raids. This is partly to protect our raiders, and mostly to give the Initiates a chance to screw up. Anyone who throws a fit over loot as an Initiate is not someone we want around. Better to get that behavior out in the open early.

What we aren’t doing

We don’t have a Veteran or Senior Member rank. I’ve seen this used in the past, and generally every few months there is a mass-promotion for newish members. This promotion doesn’t mean anything, but it goes feel nice. Rewards are great, but this one sets up the idea that promotions are rewards, and contributed to the idea that eventually Vets should get bumped to Officer. Officers are fine, but having a lot of officers “just to have them” always led us to having the “officers” and some subset of “real officers”. The “officers” were the Veteran-Veterans, while the “real officers” actually did the day to day work of running things.

We also don’t have a way to mark Officers as Raiders. For now, all the Leaders are Raiders, but eventually we may (and should) have Officers that don’t raid. We’ll need a way to denote their raid status, just so it is clear. Are thinking about it now, but since I expect many changes to be made long before this issue comes up, we’ll not try to deal with it quite yet.

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3 Comments on “Guild Ranks”

  1. Dinaer Says:

    Its good that you are thinking this out in advance. I inherited my guild and the ranks came with it. I have tweaked them over time, but its more hassle than it is worth.

    My guild has OfficerAlt and Alt ranks as well, although they have the same privileges as the Officer and Member ranks, respectively. So we are not enforcing a “declare your main” policy.

    If I used your proposed system in my guild, I don’t think I would have any Core Raiders, or at least not enough to make it worth having the rank. All of my Core Raiders would already be officers.

    We also originally had the goal of Officers having specific responsibilities. Eventually, though, we picked up some people who were very valuable to the guild and contributed through their knowledge and intelligence even more than some of the Officers. We wanted to promote them, and they felt like they deserved promotion, but we had no specific job for them. To demote another Officer to make a spot was out of the question. In the end we adopted the Officer rank as those who would handle anything that came up, and we did give some specific responsibilities but nothing so cut and dry.

    Our guild is maybe a bit more casual than yours, and so we never went with the Raider rank. We figured that the first time a non-Raider asked for something out of the guild bank and was told it was reserved for Raiders, that would be a drama explosion. This could happen for any perceived bias toward the Raiders, as said in Matticus’ post.

  2. notcoding Says:

    Good points there.

    We will have to think more about how we’ll handle Officer Responsibilities, but we will probably end up moving towards a more general sharing of responsibilities. That whole role will need some defining as things go on. (perhaps I could bug you for a post sometime on how you deal with splitting responsibilities in the guild?)

    The Raiding / non-Raiding issue is one that may cause drama, there will likely be a Raiding section in the bank, but that would be consumables that are funded *by* raiding, and for anyone in the raids (not just ‘Raiders’ – as I expect even our non-‘Raider’ tagged members to be on some raids)

    Our goal was to give us a way to say “If you want to be on the list as a regular raider, and think you deserve higher priority, then here are some guidelines you need to follow”, and give those folks the Raider tag – without forcing our “Raid rules” on everyone. Really, trying to protect both the Raiders (who tend to expect that *everyone* will do that stuff), and our more casual members – who might drop lots of gold on high-end enchants and gems, but tend not to.

    I’m crossing my fingers that by doing this from the start, and by spending time with Initiates explaining the system, that this will actually help things. However, if nothing else, I’ve seen drama from not having a split, so at least this will be new drama 😀

  3. Matticus Says:

    Must say, after reading this, I’m extremely impressed. You seem to have a foundation and a goal in mind for your organization. I find that guilds that collapse lack those important things. Don’t lose sight of your vision or your goal. Don’t waiver or deviate too far. I’m sure you will do well and your guild will accomplish great things.

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