Warriors: Talents for WotLK

How should you level in Northrend?  It almost doesn’t matter.  Leveling a Warrior has never been easier, and there is very little you can do ‘wrong’.

I personally prefer leveling as Protection; it is what I did from 1-70, so it is no shock that I’ll go that way in WotLK.  However, while in the Beta I did spend considerable time trying out different specs, and nothing I tried ‘didn’t work’.

My spec will be a balanced threat/mitigation build, with heavy focus in buffing shield block.  This is based entirely on my play style.  While leveling, I’ll have a Holy Priest with me full time, so downtime is no concern.  This combination (especisally from level 75 and on when she gets her AoE) is amazing at chain pulling entire areas at a time.  There is no subtelty, no strategey – I grab anything that moves, allow them to destroy themselves on my shield, and move on.   If I’m not moving fast enough, my wife will grab mobs and pull them into thunderclap range.  It almost feels like cheating, but it is an amazingly fun way to knock out quests.

However, questing is only part of the plan – I will spend at least half of my time in instances.  The new leveling instances are well designed, quick to run, and super entertaining.  I enjoy them so much, that I’m sure I’ll run each several times on the way up to 80.

Yes, any spec can tank 5-mans now, but a Fury warrior tanking just takes longer to get through an instance than Prot.  Protection warriors put out more threat, and require less healing, making it far easier to chain pull the whole run.

Were I planning to spend less time in instances, then Fury would be a great option.  I tanked several group quests with Titan’s Grip, and while it was more of a challenge, it worked.  If I lacked a ‘pocket healer’, then the health regen that Fury brings would be very hard to pass up.  Plus, dual wielding massive swords is just awesome.  Even if you don’t level with TG, do yourself a favor and play with it some.

You certainly could use a “raid tank” build – focus entirely on mitigation, survivability and rage efficiency – and based on your gear level this may be wise, but I found it to be overkill.  Nothing on the way to 80 really threatened to kill me, at least not without some help.  If we wiped, it was usually that we totally misunderstood a new fight, or had made such a serious error that no spec change would matter.  As for rage efficiency, so long as you pull enough mobs at once, rage is never an issue either.

Once 3.1 lands, and brings with it dual talent specs, things will be even easier – but I expect that by then I will have long since hit level 80, and will have a different use in mind for my second spec.

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