Virtual(ly) Friends

I’ve talked a lot about our plans to setup a new guild before Wrath lands. My wife, myself and another are collaborating on the project. This 3rd is someone we’ve played with a lot, he was the leader of our former guild, and someone we’ve gamed with for at least 2 years.

While playing in the Beta and since coming back to the live servers, I’ve talked with him daily: either in game, on Ventrillo, or in email.

Last night, we were setting up a Heroic Steamvaults run (I ‘needed’ to go /love a crab), and while we were at the summoning stone, he got a phone call. Several minutes later he was back on Vent, and let us know that his mother was in the hospital, having had an apparent stroke.

It turns out that it was a minor stroke (a TIA), well, minor as far as strokes go; which isn’t very minor at all. I’ve spent a lot of the day trading emails, his giving updates on her status, and mine awkwardly attempting to be supportive (it would be much easier to say “ my prayers”; the sentiment is acurate, even if I don’t necessarily hold the beliefs.)

This shines a bit of a light on a point that most non-players have a hard time understanding. Lately, I’ve been very excited about WotLK, and WoW in general. A month or two down the line though, and WotLK will be mostly explored. The next expansion will still be distant, but I will likely still be playing. The content, and the gameplay are only piece of the experience, and I’m not convinced it is even the greatest part.

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