Pulling the Trigger

After a lot of time planning for the new guild, we finally pulled the trigger Sunday morning. Since our starting core is small we needed to bribe a few signatures, but it was not terribly difficult, even at the early hour.

By the end of the morning the guild rank, permissions, and the bank were setup. The website is in a workable state, though it still needs some tweaking. My wife even made a custom banner for the site, which ended up looking very nice.

We have been trying to spread all this work out, as much as is possible. Our focus is certainly going to be on raiding. In the past, I’ve preferred the ‘feel’ on 10-man groups, so we will be starting there. My co-raid leader and I have gone chatted a lot about how we intend to do things, and it is really down to recruiting people to fill our first raids on Naxx. In the meantime, we are helping my wife – who accepted the GM tag, in large part as an attempt to allow me to focus on Raid Leading – with a lot of the setup chores.

Having the guild tag – our guild tag – is nice. I am viewing this as a bit of an experiment. I believe that things will work out, even though I don’t see clearly how things will go.

It is importaint to note ‘why’ I wanted to help form this new guild. I certainly have other options – in fact, this past weekend a recruiter for one of the top guilds on the server suggested that I consider joining them – and if I were simply interested in moving through the content as quickly as possible, then this isn’t the most efficient road to take.

However, that isn’t the only goal. I’m just as interested in cultivating a guild culture, and running with a group of people who I truely enjoy being around, as anything else. Also, it must be said, that the act of seeing a team that I set up succeed is addicting. Could I go to another guild and be ‘a raider’, learn the fights and follow instructions? Aye. Certainly it would require far less mental energy, but the raid leading aspect of things is what I’ve missed the most the last weeks. Sure, tanking is challenging, but “don’t stand in the fire” doesn’t compare to finding, helping, organizing, leading, and motivating a group of people. It is odd that I miss that side of things so much, but until I scratch this itch I’m not going to be happy doing otherwise.

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2 Comments on “Pulling the Trigger”

  1. Leewsham Says:

    Ok what name did you decide on?

  2. notcoding Says:

    I’m going to punt on this, for now.

    This comment that I made on Dinaer’s (always excellent) Forever a Noob Blog goes through a bit of my logic.

    That said, if this is driving anyone crazy, then shoot me an email (see my about page) – I’d prefer to not have things show up in searches, but I’m not so naive to think that anyone who actually knows me in-game won’t be able to ID me from my ranting.

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