At the Midnight Wrath Launch

Coming off a horrible 48 hours for the servers, on a cool and damp night, I just returned home from a local Gamestop. The week’s mail problems, server downtime and PvP vendor bugs certainly didn’t seem to bother anyone there. The strip mall store had a line of a few dozen people when we arrived at 11pm.

At 11:15, they started letting people in, and even with a credit card system that eventually forced every order to be called in, we had our games by 11:40. Then, it was simply a matter of hanging around for 20 minutes until they’d let us leave with our shiny new (and heavy) CEs.

I came home from work this afternoon and managed to get a bit of sleep, in preparation for tonight. The game installing at the moment, and I’m hoping to get a few hours a playtime, before heading into work. Thursday will be a short day at the office – I’ll likely cut out around lunch, unless the servers appear to be down – but I do need to get a few hours in. If everything goes according to plan, we’ll be able to play much of the evening before passing out and getting back to as normal a Friday schedule as possible.

That is the plan.

Back in college, this would have been no problem. Now, in my early 30s, well.. we’ll just have to see.

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