Level 80


So, my warrior has seen his final ding – at least for WotLK. I hit 80 during a Halls of Lightning run Saturday evening. As this is a level 80 zone, our group was a bit underpowered, ranging from 77 to 79. All the same, we didn’t have too many problems – and the problems we did have were due to unfamiliarity with the instance. For example, the final boss has abilities that he certainly did not have in beta – it is an interesting fight, it was just a bit of a surprise the first time through.

Part of the weekend was a tour of the final 5-mans, a few of which we hit early. For some reason, I had imagined CoT:Strathholme to be a level 77 zone. It is not. Our group certainly low for a level 80 instance, but we made it through without any wipes. The number of ‘misses’ and amount of damage made things interesting, and a well played Battle Rez saved us after I took too long getting the final boss engaged and he 1-shot our healer (sorry dear!).

We have now cleared all the level Wrath 5-mans, on normal at least. I think the plan is to hit the level 80 instances at least one more time, and to then pick a heroic and allow it to kick our collective asses. Actually, I’m hoping for decent results, but I’m pretty sure it will be pretty rough all the same. Trying to decide now which will heroic be the first target.

Just after hitting level 80 I managed to get my defense high enough to achieve crit-immunity – 540. At first, I was wearing whatever had the most +defense, irregardless of the overall quality of the gear. As we ran a few more instances I’ve gotten enough drops that I can now start swapping out some of my pure +defense pieces, for gear that is all around better. I’ve got a few sets options to choose from now, all leaving me right around 540. I still feel pretty squishy – unbuffed I don’t even have 21k health – but I’m seeing rapid improvement.

I’ve also started playing around with the new PVP zones.  I’ve been around for two battles in Wintergrasp, and both times the attacking force won.  I’m not sure if this is the norm on not, but it certainly felt that given enough time the attackers would always get through – it is just a question beating the timer.  This may all change once more people hit 80, and you start seeing more than two dozen people on each side – right not there just aren’t enough defenders to cover all of the walls, and there are vehicles for almost every attacker.  Still, it is certainly interesting, and worth trying out.

I’ve also popped into a few Strand of the Ancients Battlegrounds, and enjoyed it as well.  I’m still working out all of the mechanics, and the strategies are still totally up in the air, but it is a good time.  Very nice to have a battleground where one side can’t choose to stretch the match out too long.

If I keep heading into the PVP zones, I will likely track down a set of the crafted PVP set – Savage Saronite for Warriors -since it seems like a very good starting set.  The new battleground gear, which should be for sale in Wintergrasp, isn’t in place yet; though I’m fine with just saving up some honor for now, I’m enjoying the matches even without the gear rewards.

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