WotLK: Drak’Tharon Keep

This is one in a series of posts covering a WotLK 5-mans – from a Tank’s Point of View

Drak’Tharon sits on the border of Zul’Drak and the Grizzly Hills, this instance tuned for levels 74 to 76 is one of the longer leveling instances – however, that is not saying much.

The trash comes mostly in groups of 3 or 4, and does not hit noticeably harder than in the Old Kingdom.


The first boss, you will find him atop a flight of stairs. Once you pull him additional trolls will start running in and attacking him. From time to time he will use a Consume ability, which will damage the group, kill the trolls, and provide Trollgore with a stacking buff. However, on normal mode this fight is reasonably trivial, and you can certainly kill him without actually noticing the abilities he uses.

Death Knights may be interested in the Troll Butcherer that he drops.

Novos the Summoner

On the way to Novos, you will need to clear through a room of spiders. These need some care, as when low on health they will run back into their room and begin hatching additional spiders, which will then join the fight. You can manage this by pulling them back, and being ready to burst them down once low on health. Alternatively, stun them just after they start running. Once the room is cleared, there are cocoons that contain the target of the quest Search and Rescue.

Novos sits in the middle of large room that has a flight of stairs on the far side. When you engage Novos, he immediately shields himself and begins calling help. Most of the fight is spent dealing with this ‘help’ while Novos hides behind his shield. A lot of non-elite mobs will come running down the stairs to the party, while a total of four elite Crystal Handlers will run in from the room. The tank should pick up the elites as they run in, but most of the mobs on the stairs can be solo’d by any dps. Once the fourth Crystal Handler is down, then the shield drops and you can fight the boss himself.

He is a caster, and most of his abilities (a mix of single target and AoE spells) are cast on random party members. This is as much a healing test as anything else.

King Dred

A few pulls beyond Novos, you emerge outside and will find King Dred’s area on your right side. Dred, a huge a Devilsaur, also has a number of smaller adds around him. I suggest you pull several of those out first, and then pull him to the base of the stairs outside of his area – so that when he uses his AoE fear, you are less likely to pull adds.

His damage is purely physical, and totally focused at the tank. Should he manage to get all of his debuffs stacked, there is also a lot of damage – however, this is purely random. Lesser geared tanks should consider using cooldowns to combat damage spikes.

The Grievous Bite debuff should be watched for in particular.  This will keep ticking damage untill you are healed up to full health, so help out your healer as much as possible when this is up. (thanks Hawksong for  catching this)

Scabrous-Hide Helm may drop for Bear tanks.

The Prophet Tharon’ja

One last clear starts at the top of the stairs. There are a several packs, mixed with patrolling pairs. Mobs in this area are likely to fear, so I’d suggest being a pit more cautious than normal, and pulling them back.

Once through the trash, you will find Tharon’ja waiting on this platform. This is largely a gimmick fight, where is occasionally changes everyone into skeletons. In skeleton form you only have four abilities. The strategy we’ve found is to have everyone spam Taunt, Bone Armor, and Touch of Life, trying to see that he bounces from target to target and no one takes too many hits in a row. Once that phase is over, I simply pick him back up and we continue to tank and spank.

Plate tanks looking for some threat stats may like Muradin’s Lost Greaves, should it drop.

With the Prophet down, you may get a show. If anyone needs to turn in the Grizzly Hills quest Cleansing Drak’Tharon, they can start it up on the far side of the platform – this starts a little event that is very much worth the price of admission.

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2 Comments on “WotLK: Drak’Tharon Keep”

  1. Hawksong Says:

    Something you might want to note about Dred: his major debuff is a bleed effect that will only be removed when healed to full (a la the giant lobster boss from Slave Pens). As a druid tank turned healer, once I learned how his bleed worked, it made the battle much easier.

  2. notcoding Says:

    Good catch. I’ve updated the post to mention this.
    Thanks for noting the omission 😀

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