WotLK: The Violet Hold

This is one in a series of posts covering a WotLK 5-mans – from a Tank’s Point of View

Violet Hold sits in Dalaran, and is intended for characters around level 75.  Since it is in the city, most people won’t have trouble getting there – however, you do need to pay attention to that.  There is no summoning stone, and you may find some players who can’t access Dalaran yet.  If you don’t want to work out how to get them there, check first that they can access Dalaran.

This zone is very much like Black Morass, without the opening trash clear.  There will be 18 portals, with mini-bosses at portals 6 at 12, and the final boss on 18.  Instead of Mehdiv’s shield, you are protecting the Prison door.  Portals spawn throughout the room, and either have a single portal guardian with a trickle of adds (very reminicent of BM) – or a single groups of 2 to 4 mobs all at once.  None of these are all that bad, and I don’t expect that most groups should have any trouble keeping up with the portal spawns.

There are crystal spread throughout the room which, when clicked, trigger a large burst of damage to all mobs in the room.  These are the emergency buttons that you can use if you get behind.

If you die you may have trouble getting back in – at least we did on heroic – so wait for a resurrection if possible.  Also, if you do have a wipe, expect to re-clear the portals from the start, and to fight any already downed mini-bosses again – sans loot.  Unlike most instances, here you are punished severely for wipes.

The mini-bosses that you see (at portals 6 and 12) are random, coming for a pool of 6 possible:

Mini-boss: Erekem

An Arakkoa with two adds. He has an interruptible heal, and a few other Shaman like abilities. Just tank the adds along with Erekem, and focus DPS on the boss. You can easily mop up the adds once he is down. This is one of the easier mini-bosses.

For tanks, he can drop the Screeching Cape – a very nice cloak.

Mini-boss: Ichoron

Water elemental that come with a shield that reduces all hits to almost nothing. Once his shield is depleted, he explodes into a shower of adds, and becomes untargetable. These adds slowly move back to his body, and once one reaches him (or all are killed) he pops back up. At this point, start kiting Ichoron around, as the adds that reach him restore health. Once the adds are down, you start working on the new shield. Repeat this a few times, and he will be dead. Due to the shield mechanic, focus on quick hitting abilities rather than hard hitting ones.

He has a 50% chance of dropping gloves that may interest Ferals: Handguards of Rapid Pursuit.

Mini-boss: Lavanthor

Lavanthor is a large core hound. Turn him away from the group and don’t stand in fire. This biggest threat he poses is after death. He body won’t despawn for several minutes, so if you kill him in place his corpse will make seeing future mobs at the portal difficult.

There is no tank loot here.

Mini-boss: Moragg

The large Beholder mini-boss.  Most of his damage is focused on the tank, on normal mode this is one of the easier fights.

Shoulderplates of the Beholder drops, which many tanks may be able to working into their gear.

Mini-boss: Xevozz

Xevozz is an oddity in Northrend – an Ethereal.  He summons an orb that should be avoided.  Most groups should be able to heal through most of the damage, and just power through.  However, if you are taking too much damage, you can kite him around the ramp in the back of the room.  Just start fighting him on one side, and slowly work him around to the other.

The prize here is the possibility of seeing the Riot Shield.

Mini-boss: Zuramat the Obliterator

Zurumat is a Void Walker style mob.  His primary trick is summoning Void Sentries – most of the time, these appear to be untargetable void zones, which shoot out Shadow Bolts.  Throughout the fight he will place a 15 second debuff on random party members which allow them to see the Void Sentries – at this point that person is able to kill them.  To be honest, we’ve always just powered through this and ignored the Sentries, but depending on gear level that may not be an option.  If you are taking too much damage, ensure that whomever gets the debuff takes out as many sentries as possible.

He can also cast Shroud of Darkness, which places a healing debuff on anyone attacking him.  Either have a Mage spellsteal this, or stop attacking while it is up.

Good news for tanks looking for a quick defense buff, he drops the Void Sentry Legplates.

Final Boss: Cyanigosa

After the 17th wave is down, you will get to face Cyanigosa.  She is a Dragon, so standard dragon rules apply.  Most of her damage is focused on the tank, excepting the occasional Blizzard.  A few times through the fiight she will teleport everyone to her, and wipe threat.  Tanks need to grab threat quickly, and get her back in position.  Honestly, she is fairly simple.  I you’ve made it to her, you shouldn’t have too much trouble taking her down.

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