After the Long Weekend

Not much playtime over the long weekend, but Saturday evening we did manage to squeeze in a few runs.  Knocked out the Heroic versions Gun’drak and Violet Hold, and ran a quick CoT: Strat on normal.

The heroics are starting to feel easier too.  The first trip into Violet Hold was rough, but the more recent ones – even with horrible luck on which bosses we get – have gone much better.  The Tanking/Healing still requires coordination, but we are now consistently one-shotting the place.  Our first trip into Utgarde Keep was extremely easy (though, have a mage and two retadins provided a crazy amount of CC), and Gun’Drak was completed with only a single wipe on the first boss.

A few days back we tried Heroic CoT, and decided to reset it back to normal mode after a few trash wipes.  We were able to get the first boss down with no problems, but I was just taking a bit too much damage on some of the large trash packs.  Just a few days later I’ve grabbed a few upgrades, and am looking forward to trying the place again.

Otherwise, the guild is growing, albeit very slowly.  That is not a bad thing though, at least not yet.  A friend from our former guild who had been going it alone for while has decided to join us, he’ll have his first 80 within a few days.

I am starting to look towards Naxx though.  As things stand we certainly aren’t going to field a guild-only run, so we are now trying to decide how to proceed.  We could start spamming out recruiting notices, and could certainly bring in bodies that way – but I’m not enthusiastic about that method.  My preference is to continue to slowly expand, only bringing in really solid people, and to rely on friends lists to fill out our runs. The benefit of pugging a few spots in most of our runs is that I’m building up a good list of people that I know and trust.  In fact, lately, I’ve had to force myself to bring the occasional stranger, just to meet new people.

Finally, Andrea from the Tank Like a Girl Blog was kind enough to link to my blog over the long weekend.  I tend to presume that anyone who has managed to stumble across my little site already reads ‘The Warrior/Tanking Blogs’ – those that best cover the role – but if you don’t regularly check out Andrea’s site, you certainly should.

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